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6 Rugs for Small Spaces That Will Make Your Room Look Bigger

by Ruggable|updated Mar 10, 2022

Sometimes, creating your dream space can come with a few challenges. The size of your room, for example, can often be what decides whether that sofa on your wishlist is a yay or nay. Small rooms are especially tricky to design because of the lack of space, but with a few simple tricks, you can easily fool the eye and make a small room look more spacious than it actually is. Check out our home design tips on how to pick rugs for small spaces in your home.

As a rule, a lighter palette and plenty of natural light are the best ways to create the illusion of a bigger, wider space—but so does adding the right furniture, rug, and décor.

Tips For Choosing Rugs That Make A Room Look Bigger

The Best Rugs for Smaller Spaces

While rugs may serve a utilitarian purpose, they are also a key design element that can make or break the theme or aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your space. A common mistake when it comes to picking out rugs for small living rooms and bedrooms is choosing one that is too tiny, which then appears to float randomly in the room. “You want all of the furniture in the room to at least be able to touch it somehow. I like to think about the rug as a life raft, and all of the furniture needs at least one arm on the raft,” explains Sarah.

Here are some tips to consider if you’re looking for the right rug that will make your space look bigger.

1. Choose a light-colored rug to open up your space.

“Stick to light, cool tones as much as possible, as these will trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is,” recommends Cristina.

Try: Hendesi Heriz Cream

Light Colored Rugs for Small Living Rooms

Old World charm meets contemporary versatility in these bordered rugs for small spaces that feature a central geometric medallion. Its neutral palette of cream and taupe on a natural linen background is easy on the eyes and just what you need to add dimension without overwhelming your space.

2. Create an illusion with lines and stripes.

“Striped rugs also work if the stripes are perpendicular to the long walls of the room, visually widening it,” Cristina suggests.

Try: Thalia Black Rug

Line and Stripe Rugs for Small Spaces

📷 Erika

The hand-drawn hatchwork pattern and modern grey on cream palette lend a contemporary touch to this vintage Turkish kilim-style rug, adding an exciting design element that fills your room without visually cluttering your space.

3. Opt for a rug that adds texture without overwhelming your space.

When designing for a small space, you’ll want to add texture without overwhelming or cluttering your room. The best way to do it? By adding light shag rugs to make a room look bigger and instantly add both depth and sophistication.

Try: Polar White Shag Rug

Shag Rugs to Make a Room Look Bigger

Made with 100 percent faux fur, this shag rug is all it takes to ensure your space exudes warmth and elegance. With its pristine white color and long and luxurious fibers, it perfectly reflects your sophisticated taste and creates a focal point in your room without constraining your space.

4. Open up your space with cool-toned rugs for small living rooms & bedrooms.

“Stick to light, cool tones as much as possible, as these will trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is,” suggests Sarah.

Try: Vintage Daisy Bordered Blue

Cool-toned Rugs for Small Spaces

Give your space a classic yet laidback touch with this vintage-inspired bordered rug in a cool slate blue, grey, and azul palette. It is the perfect floor décor if you’re looking to add a timeless or boho-chic vibe to any space in your home.

5. Go for a rug with an all-over pattern

“With a small space, I suggest going with a rug with a very large-scaled, neutral pattern. This way, you have some texture and visual interest, but it’s not so busy that you can’t look away.”

Try: Marrakesh Beige Ivory

Choose Large Scale, Neutral Patterned Rugs to Make a Room Look Bigger

With its fresh take on an Old World design, this rug features a minimalist, abstract pattern in a luxe palette of ivory, pearl, golden beige, java, and ash browns. This versatile rug blends seamlessly into any space—whether you’re going for a modern, Scandinavian, or contemporary aesthetic.

6. Choose a solid or monochromatic rug that is easy on the eyes.

Keeping a small room clutter-free is key, and that includes the type of pattern you choose for your floor décor. If you’re unsure what works best for your space, you can never go wrong with solid or monochromatic rugs to make a room look bigger, preferably in a light, neutral hue.

Try: Crosshatch Light Grey

Monochromatic Rugs for Small Living Rooms

This rug adds an elegantly neutral touch to your space while keeping things interesting with its hand-drawn lines of ivory, mascarpone white, and light cream that instantly adds texture to your space.

If you want to test different rugs in your living space, the DecorMatters room design app allows you to visualize hundreds of rugs, including these select Ruggable rugs, in your home before purchasing.

About the Author Ruggable Editors

Ruggable Editors are an A-list team of rug experts and home decor enthusiasts from Ruggable, maker of the two-piece washable rug system.

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