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4 Interior Design Trends That Will Take Over 2023

by DecorMatters|Dec 05, 2022

As the year comes to a close, we took some time here at DecorMatters to brainstorm what we think the upcoming interior design trends will look like in 2023. 

Let’s now dive deeper into the interior design trends that will take over our homes in 2023.

Wellness at Home Is Still a Top Priority

A zen home has been a driving force for a while in an overhaul. Implementing elements that have self-care in mind can transform an average home into a peaceful oasis. 

Zen Bedroom, Plants, Cozy corner

📸: @marzena.marideko

If you have the space, why not a mini home spa? It doesn't have to cost you hundreds of thousands! It can be an area in which you mindfully prioritize daily self-care.  

Modern bathroom design, bathroom tile flooring, marble bath tub

📸: @katie.leclercq

Add a small bar refrigerator to enhance serenity in your bathroom, storing chilled towels or face masks that add a refreshing spritz to your face. We'd recommend checking out this Sub-Zero designer under-counter fridge that fits perfectly under most countertops. Plus, it's so stylish and modern, with a lighting concept that will warm up your bathroom in the evening. 

Sustainability Options Are on the Rise

We have seen a global shift towards a more sustainable and recyclable way of living to protect the planet we all live on, with climate activists even throwing food at valuable paintings to raise our collective awareness of the current climate issue. 

That’s why we expect to see a demand in ordering from companies that prioritize recycling unwanted, or even old, textiles, lights and accessories, and wallpapers that might be heading toward the junkyard otherwise.  

sustainable bedroom design

📸: @jasmine_archie

Companies such as The Haines Collection's mission speaks volumes to what the world craves: "We're aware that we are using the earth's resources faster than we can replenish them. The disregard for our impact on the planet for decades has done its damage, and now we are on the path to change. Change for good. And that's why, here at Haines, we are committed to being part of a circular and greener future going forward." 

sustainable dining room design, wooden interior design

📸: @lucycunninghaminteriors

Higher demand for upcycling is on the cards also! Many homeowners now opt for antiques or old furniture sourced from markets or online marketplaces in their re-design. We even compiled a great how-to guide on upcycling, so you're already prepared for this new trend! 

Take a Trip to the Mediterranean! 

Although an international trip is not always on the cards, the Mediterranean has come into our homes in the last year with colors, styles, and overall vibes that make you feel like you're on the coast of Spain, drinking sangria! 

Mediterranean home design, outdoor balcony space


We're seeing a major resurgence left, right, and center in design overhauls of terracotta, which provides a rustic atmosphere while staying super earthy. 

You can tie terracotta with burnt oranges and/or reddish-brown tones to bring a grounding and warm feeling to your space. Just like being in the Mediterranean!

Bring the outside in by prioritizing buying naturally made decor or mantlepieces on your interior shopping spree.

Stay Golden, Baby. 

Dulux's color of the year for 2023 is a soft, golden neutral called Wild Wonder! We here at DecorMatters trust Dulux with all we have to choose our color for 2023, so we are excited for this to be a design trend. 

golden interior design, wild wonder color of the year, golden design ideas

📸: @caprinipellerinarchitectes

We're seeing trends in recent years moving towards therapeutic hues that almost feel like a sunset to create a welcoming and nourishing energy to the home. Plus, neutral colors go with almost everything! So why not play around? Check out our guide on decorating with neutral tones here!

From all of us here at DecorMatters, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Keep an eye on our blog for even more design trends that may pop up in 2023. Our free room design app is a great way to visualize these interior design trends in your real home.  

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