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36 Creative Photo Wall and Gallery Wall Ideas for a Personal Touch

by DecorMatters|Feb 26, 2024

Have you ever felt like your home needs a personal touch to make it uniquely yours? Often, it's our bare walls that need a little extra creativity and effort. 

Think of your home as a blank canvas and your memories as the paint. Gallery walls are a staple in homes for a reason - they're the perfect blend of personal expression and interior styling, and they're not going out of fashion anytime soon.

We have 36 gallery wall ideas that will help you decorate your walls with your artwork, family photos, prized possessions, or anything that defines you. These tips and tricks cater to every style, layout, room, nook, stairway, and wall in your house. By the end of this journey, your walls will have a story to tell.

1. Make Your Art Pop

colorful gallery wall ideas with blue wall

Sarah Vanrenen 

Use a brightly colored wall as your canvas to make your artwork and photography stand out and inject energy into the room. This simple approach creates a visually striking picture wall that is sure to draw attention and spark conversation. Take this room by Sarah Vanrenen, which uses a deep rich blue.

2. Focus On a Single Subject

living room gallery wall focusing on single subject

Alberto Meda

Create a modern gallery wall that reflects your personality by choosing a specific subject that captures your interest. For example, you could create a lighthouse gallery, where each frame showcases a different shore and its guiding lights.

3. Mix Colors and Shapes

eclectic dining room gallery wall design

Kjerstin Marie

Kjerstin Marie from Oslo, Norway, blends colors and shapes to create a dynamic gallery wall. Her philosophy, "The more out of line with each other, the better," celebrates diversity with a thoughtful touch.

“My life and my house are chaotic, and so are my gallery walls,” Kjerstin shares. “But although it’s chaotic, it is also carefully curated.” Make your accent walls fun and unique by adding colors and shapes that reflect your life story. 

4. Follow the Room’s Shape

loft apartment gallery wall ideas

Sebastian Bergström

Those quirky, angled walls of a loft can become a captivating visual story with a gallery wall. This versatile photo wall idea embraces the unique architecture of your space. An apartment gallery wall can adapt to the contours of your home, making every nook a statement of style. The perfect blend of form and function turns awkward spaces into a showcase.

5. Consider Cluttercore 

maximalist gallery wall with patterns and tiles

Peter and Cecile D’Ascoli

Design a maximalist gallery wall with a cluttercore style. As Peter D’Ascoli beautifully illustrates, "The salon walls of our family in India are covered in art and artifacts we have collected over decades - from Turkish tiles to Italian gouaches of Naples to antique English chintz - and even some of our daughter's childhood paintings." Mix and match patterns, tiles, artworks, stories, and treasures that are meaningful to you to create a memory-filled tapestry. 

6. Try an Organic, Free-Form Layout

organic natural shape gallery wall idea

Adam Spychala

Ditch the rulebook and let your photo wall layout reflect your unique spirit. Instead of a precise grid, try arranging your photographs on the wall in a free-flowing, organic shape. This promotes creativity and self-expression, allowing you to mix, match, and arrange pieces how you want. It's the joy of interior design—where the only guideline is to be unabashedly you.

7. Create a Mixed Media Gallery Wall

mixed media gallery wall in the living room


A mixed-media gallery wall can be beautiful in its disorder. The fusion of photographs, paintings, illustrations, and sculptural pieces is a great living room wall idea. To create a cohesive look, you don't need uniformity. Instead, focus your gallery wall inspiration around a central theme, such as family memories or travel experiences.

8. Follow a Cohesive Color Scheme

colorful and greenery inspired living room

Schuyler Samperton

Creating a colorful gallery wall that matches your room's hues can seamlessly blend the artwork and interior design. The art in this room has light pink, bright green, and orange colors, matching the furniture and fabrics. This living room gallery wall idea enhances visual coherence and creates a well-thought-out atmosphere.

9. Get Artsy with Abstract Pieces

abstract artwork gallery wall in the living room

Jan Skácelík

Adding abstract art to your gallery wall frames can bring character and depth to any room. It doesn't represent anything specific, so it invites personal interpretation. Abstract art complements any decor and stands out as a focal point, sparking conversation with the space it fills.

10. Enlarge Small Spaces

enlarge small spaces with a gallery wall

Agi + Chris Raw

Crafting a gallery wall is artistic and strategic in the cozy confines of a small space. Creating a gallery wall in a small space can make the area appear larger and more open. You add depth and dimension by using a collection of artwork instead of a single piece. This creates an illusion of expansiveness.

11. Collect Charming Vintage Frames

collect antique and vintage frames for a photo wall

Margaret Chambers

Adding antique frames to your vintage gallery wall can give it a unique and charming look. You can find these frames at flea markets or online stores like Etsy. Creating an eclectic mix of styles and periods can make your wall visually appealing and personal. 

12. Spark Conversation in the Dining Room

modern dining room gallery wall ideas


The dining room, a vibrant heart of the home, is a great canvas for a gallery wall. It's not just a place for meals. People gather in this spot to share stories and create memories. A carefully chosen dining room gallery wall can start conversations and make meals feel special.

13. Surround the Television

Samsung frame tv diy gallery wall idea

Pretty in the Pines

Build a captivating art exhibit with a Samsung Frame TV gallery wall. Imagine your TV as more than just a screen. It can be a moving piece of art that complements your picture wall layout. By adding a DIY frame TV, you can easily blend this electronic focal point with your other chosen artwork. 

14. Maximize Walls from Floor to Ceiling

floor to ceiling gallery wall with abstract artwork

Trine Brunsvig

Create a beautiful floor-to-ceiling gallery wall and turn your empty spaces into a dynamic art display. Trine Brunsvig says this living room wall decor idea results in "an art wall that is constantly in motion." A harmonious and exciting mix of individual works can "fill the entire wall like a large work of art."

15. Illuminate Art with Creative Lighting

unique art wall with gallery wall lighting

Myrica Bergqvist

Adding unique gallery wall lighting to your photo display can make it more enchanting. You can match the textures and tones of your art collection to create a sense of continuity and depth throughout the space. A well-placed sconce or pendant light can illuminate your artwork by casting shadows and highlights. Lighting is functional but can also become a dynamic component of your gallery wall. 

16. Decorate a Cozy Gallery Nook

cozy corner nook decorated with a gallery wall

Kristina Beddall

Size does not limit creativity. Decorate small spaces with a corner gallery wall using various art pieces to show your style. This picture wall idea improves the look of the room and creates a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for small spaces. It adds visual appeal without being too much.

17. Personalize with a Fun Theme

themed music gallery wall in the apartment

Highboy LA

A themed photo and gallery wall idea is a great way to personalize your space with your favorite things. For instance, a music-themed wall can feature vintage concert posters, vinyl album covers, and photos of music legends. Whether you enjoy movies, landscapes, or modern art, you can display your unique taste for everyone to see. 

18. Infuse Your Walls with Greenery

nature inspired living room gallery wall ideas

Jono Fleming

You can bring nature into your home by adding plants and greenery to a gallery or photo wall. Adding a pop of color to your room, you can creatively display art, personal memories, and plants all together.

Wrapping plants around your gallery wall adds life to your display. Like a part of your home that's alive and growing. Plants have many benefits outside of aesthetics and contribute to a healthy, happy home.

19. Make a Statement Wall

bold statement sign gallery wall inspiration

Elena Davis

Bring your walls to life by showcasing art and decor that reflects your personality and beliefs. Incorporate your favorite slogans and inspirational mantras. Elena Davis offers a tip: "I usually start building my gallery walls with a few big core pieces and then build it up from there."

20. Put a Personal Gallery in Your Bedroom

personal bedroom gallery wall inspiration

Sara Bengur

A bedroom gallery wall reflects your identity, evolving with you over time. It adds color, texture, and pattern to the room, making it more warm and welcoming. Whether it's a black-and-white photo wall, colorful artwork, or a mix of personal items, each piece tells a unique story. Photos on the bedroom wall turn a sleeping place into a gallery of your life's experiences.

21. Think Vertically

maximize vertical space in the living room

Cher Guminey

Cher Guminey expresses herself through a meaningful gallery wall that embraces the unexpected and uses vertical space. "I did not plan what the wall would look like. I just started hanging each piece," she shares about the spontaneity behind her design.

A devoted fan of secondhand items, Cher believes that "the more you hunt, the greater the prize." Follow Cher's approach by letting your story guide your design choices and make your space truly yours.

22. Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

creative mirror gallery wall by the jungalow

Justina Blakeney

A mirror gallery wall isn't just an artistic statement—it's a brilliant design tactic. Different-shaped mirrors can make rooms look bigger and brighter by reflecting both natural and artificial light. A wall gallery idea that enhances your interior's aesthetic and spatial perception, making it a favorite among design enthusiasts.

23. Adorn Your Staircase

staircase gallery wall with family picture wall 

Lucinda Chambers

The stairs serve as an ideal backdrop for a stairway gallery wall, offering a unique canvas that marries art with motion. Each step reveals new art, photos, and memories, creating an engaging and dynamic display. The art draws inspiration from your home's design, turning a regular walk into a unique staircase gallery wall story.

24. Inspire Productivity in the Office

colorful pink office gallery wall with disco ball

Helen Ford

Creating an inspiring home office boosts productivity and creativity. An office gallery wall can be a great way to add a focal point and motivation to your workspace. It personalizes your workspace, surrounding you with images that resonate with your goals and passions. Consider a mix of inspirational quotes that inspire you or a family photo wall to keep you grounded.

25. Add Drama with Dark Walls

dark black gallery and photo wall

Sean Anderson

Create a peaceful atmosphere in your space by choosing a dark background with black frames. This will add sophistication and tranquility to the room. The dark palette minimizes visual clutter, allowing for a calm, quiet, and moody ambiance that invites reflection and relaxation.

26. Combine Utility and Style with Graphic Posters

graphic poster art gallery wall ideas

Michelle Mason

Infuse your space with a vibrant blend of art and nature by curating a graphic poster gallery wall themed around plants and gardens. This enhances your room's look and adds an educational element, providing interesting information about different types of plants. Complement with pots, plates, and ceramics, further enriching the botanical vibe. 

27. Express Your Creativity with Eclectic Design

eclectic gallery wall and photo wall ideas


Ana's eclectic gallery wall expresses feelings and creativity. "I don't have a special concept. It is all my gut feeling," Ana shares. Her approach marries a kaleidoscope of colors and motifs.

The gallery wall layout is “eclectic, a little bit outside the box," she says, nodding to an arrangement that doesn't follow a strict pattern. A common color connects all the different artworks and posters, creating unity. "In the end, it is all my feelings and images in my head that I follow."

28. Highlight The Architecture

family photo wall ideas in the living room

Sally Wilkinson

This living room photo wall idea uses your home's special features, like spaces between doors or windows, to display art. It turns these areas into showcases for creativity. Hang art vertically on empty walls to enhance your home's beauty and emphasize its structure with dynamic columns.

29. Discover Hidden Treasures at Thrift Stores

antique and vintage gallery wall idea

Vanessa Chaverri-Gratz

Transform your space with a unique gallery wall using thrifted finds from the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and antique stores. You can easily revamp these hidden gems with a touch of paint, turning them into the centerpiece of your decor. This approach not only beautifies your space but also promotes sustainability through repurposing.

30. Design a Personal Art Museum

modern art gallery wall in the living room

Campbell Rey

Make your own modern art gallery at home with paintings, prints, digital art, books, and decorations to display your creativity and style. Choose pieces that reflect your personal journey and artistic preferences to create a visually captivating space. Your living room can become a museum and a great conversation starter for visitors.

31. Harness the Bookshelf

DIY gallery wall on the book shelf idea

Sean A. Pritchard

Change your bookshelves into a standout display with this twist to picture-hanging ideas. Place your favorite photos with your collection of books to create a cozy reading nook that combines your love for literature and art.

32. Impress Right at the Entryway

entryway gallery wall with blue console table

Myrica Bergqvist

An entryway gallery wall makes a striking first impression and sets the tone for your home's interior design. Create a cozy entryway with a family picture wall, mementos sitting on floating shelves, or artwork that welcomes guests and sparks conversation.

33. Bathe in a Beautiful Gallery

beautiful bathroom gallery wall with floral artwork

Rita Konig

Adding a gallery wall in your bathroom can make it a unique focal point in your home. This can make each visit to the bathroom feel more special. Include floral artwork for a soft, elegant vibe. Remember to use sealed and framed pieces to keep your bathroom gallery wall safe from moisture and humidity.

34. Celebrate Symmetry with a Grid Gallery Wall

symmetrical gallery wall layout 

Nicole Hollis

A symmetrical layout is a popular choice because it creates a clean and balanced look. It exudes elegance and order. The approach involves arranging art pieces in a precise, grid-like configuration for a visually appealing display. Symmetrical gallery walls add a structured and artistic touch for those who appreciate form and creativity.

35. Set Sail in a Nautical Gallery Wall

nautical themed photo wall ideas

Sean Anderson

A gallery wall with a storytelling theme is a great idea. If you like sea trips, you can make a wall gallery with things like ocean buoys or an old sailing photo. This will give your space a maritime vibe and transform your wall into an exciting visual journey.

36. Place Your Artwork Behind the Couch

cozy living room gallery wall and picture wall idea


Turn the space behind your couch into an art gallery wall to improve the feel of your living room. Putting the gallery wall above your couch makes your sofa stand out and guests curious about the art pieces behind it.

Would you like to visualize how your artwork or photos will look on your walls before hanging them? If yes, then DecorMatters is the ultimate app for you. Decorate your space virtually, polish your interior design skills with fun games, and witness your design ideas come to life. Create your dream gallery wall today with the DecorMatters room design app

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