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29 Spring Decor Ideas for a Fresh Start

by DecorMatters|Apr 14, 2023

Spring has sprung, and it's time to refresh your home decor! As the weather warms up and flowers begin to bloom, it's the perfect opportunity to add some vibrant, fresh, and organic touches to uplift your living space.

Decorating for spring is simpler than you think. From pastel color swaps, floral accents to incorporate, and bringing nature inside, we’ve put together 30 spring decor ideas that will bring joy and new beginnings to your home.

1. Deep Clean First

“First and foremost, give your entire space a deep cleaning,” says Bailey Archer, decorating and DIY expert. “For best results, always move from top to bottom. Start with ceiling fans and windows, followed by surfaces, linens, baseboards, and floors.”

spring decor idea for kitchens

📸: @cozycrazing

Our spring cleaning tips will help guide you through refreshing and reorganizing your home. “Having a clean slate to work with not only feels good but sets the tone for success, making each space feel fresh and new.”

2. Bring in Fresh Foliage

Spring is all about new growth, so add some potted plants or fresh-cut flowers to your space to bring in the season's natural beauty. “Try adding them somewhere unexpected like a bathroom or laundry room. It will surely enliven the space and make it more appealing to you and your guests,” suggests Bailey Archer.

dining room spring decor tip 

📸: @literallyrose__

Rosie of Literally Rose emphasizes, “Greenery and florals provide a serene feeling in the home of being one with nature. And by being rooted in nature, it allows one’s soul to heal from the cold elements of the winter months.”

Foliage is affordable, rejuvenating, and eco-friendly. Jen Nash, Senior Design Lead at Magnet comments, “Making a weekly trip down to the local florist or spending the time to arrange a bouquet, there’s equally a lot of joy to be found in the mindful act of bringing greenery into your home and helping support your local businesses in the process.’’ 

3. Paint an Accent Wall

Paint has the power to instantly transform a space. A pop of color can be added by simply painting an accent wall in a bright, cheerful hue. “Spring is a time for fresh starts, so why not try some fresh colors in your home? If you’re feeling bold, try painting a wall a bright color like yellow or green.” Artem Kropovinsky, Interior designer and founder at Arsight

4. Hang Spring-Inspired Artwork

Add spring-themed artwork to your walls, such as floral prints or landscapes featuring blooming trees and flowers.

Blog Post Image

📸: @stephaniethorntonplymale

Interior designer and author Stephanie Thornton Plymale points out, “Vintage oil paintings in florals or fruit are making a comeback.”

5. Change to Lightweight Curtains

Swap out your heavy curtains for lightweight, airy ones to let in more natural light. “The idea is to have the sense and feel of light and airy in one’s home,” says Rosie of Literally Rose. For your home to feel as if a window has just been opened and the curtains are swaying from the breeze.”

6. Get a New Rug

Rugs are an amazing way to showcase your uniqueness and increase the vibrance of a room.

new rug with colorful pattern spring decor

📸: @spicycurray

You can play around with colors, patterns, and textures to inject some pops of spring and personality without even making changes to the layout.

“A statement rug is something that can give the space a completely new vibe, elevate the interior, or add a splash of color to a dull room,” shares Mariya Snisar, the head of interior design at Renowell. “Such rugs use bold colors or patterns.” 

7. Use a Neutral Base

Transitioning your home from winter to spring doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Sherri Middleton, also known as @sweetfarmhousechic says she loves “to start with a neutral base. From there you can add as much or as little color as desired.” 

neutral spring decorations for a fresh start 

📸: @sweetfarmhousechic

With a neutral background, it’s easy to start sprinkling in some pops of color to create a stunning, colorful yet soft, spring palette.

8. Spring Colors

Interior designer and stylist Alex Fontaine states, “A great way to give your home a fresh spring look is to add florals and pops of color through artwork, throw pillows, and greenery.” Soft pastels are trending when it comes to spring colors, such as baby blue, mint green, and blush pink. You could also take the bold approach by using vibrant hues like coral, turquoise, and fuchsia.

pastel spring colors in the kitchen

📸: @elaina_sullivan

Whether subtle or bold, feel free to get creative and experiment with the hues that speak to your personality. Charl (@journeyat_number30) loves to use “spring whites and greens” in her decor.

Lindsey Albracht, CEO and Founder at RD Home points out, "This season, we're seeing a return to earthy, muted tones that evoke the feeling of the great outdoors. Think warm browns, cool greens, and soft neutrals. These colors not only create a sense of calm and relaxation, but they also pair beautifully with natural materials like wood and stone."

Lindsey continues, "To add a pop of color, consider incorporating a few accent pieces in shades of rust or terracotta. By using nature-inspired colors in your decor, you can create a space that feels grounded and connected to the world around you."

9. Swap out Throw Pillows

“For Spring, add some color by changing out your decorative pillows,” says Margy of The Old House on Main. Switch out your throw pillows for ones with bright, floral patterns or pastel hues to instantly update your sofa or chairs.

living room spring interior design idea 

📸: @theoldhouseonmain

10. Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home with sustainable materials and organic textures. Materials like rattan, jute, wood, and wicker are eco-friendly options that can give your space a fresh and natural feel. For example, try adding woven baskets, wooden trays, or rattan accent chairs to your interior design.

11. Spring-Inspired Entryway

Decorating a home that exudes spring vibes starts at the entryway! Use stencils and paint to create a personalized doormat with a message, such as "Welcome Spring!" or "Hello Sunshine!" Hang a spring-themed wreath on your front door to welcome guests with a seasonal touch.

spring inspired front doormat entryway

📸: Amazon

Marissa Fidler, known as @fidlinaroundhome, mentions “Large floral stems on a console or hutch, spring pillows and throws draped over an entryway bench, and fresh flowers are just a few ways to welcome guests.” 

12. Decorate with Citrus

Decorating with Citrus is a simple and affordable way to add some color and fragrance to your space. Lemons, limes, and oranges can be used in a variety of ways, such as vase fillers, centerpieces, or displayed in a bowl for a fresh and vibrant look.

13. Create an Outdoor Living Space

One of the most comfortable times to be outdoors, spring is the season to revamp your patio or deck. Seek cozy furniture to really achieve that relaxing atmosphere. You can also add greenery through potted plants and hanging baskets and set the mood with string lights and lanterns. Put it all together by accessorizing with outdoor throw pillows, blankets, and rugs to create a space unique to you.

outdoor interior design perfect for spring 

📸: @ourwintonhome

14. Experiment with Wallpaper

“Wallpaper is a fun way to add some color or pattern to a room. If you’re feeling daring, try using wallpaper in a bright color or pattern,” shares Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight.

Similar to paint, wallpaper has the power to alter a room’s entire mood in an instant. Plus, with removable, peel-and-stick wallpapers, this option can be affordable and rental-friendly.

15. Invest for Multiple Seasons

If you’re sustainable with your spending, then you try not to constantly buy new decorations throughout the year. One way to do this is to invest in timeless and versatile items that can be used for multiple seasons, holidays, and rooms.

For example, some paint colors will fit more than one season, from spring all the way to fall. Accent pieces from nature, such as pinecones, can be used as texture and warmth almost year-round.

16. Shop Your Home

Before you go out and purchase anything new, shop your home. Furniture and decor can be moved around from space to space. Pieces that no longer fit can possibly be repurposed with a little vision and creativity. An unused table may have wonderful use outside on your cozy patio. The mirror you keep in your bedroom could become a statement piece when styled in the living room.

17. Add Linen Fabrics

Swapping out fabrics for linen will soften and brighten up your home for spring. “I love how they can make almost any interior look airy and light,” shares interior designer Mariya Snisar.T

Textiles living room design for spring 

📸: @journeyat_number30

Linen can be thrown into the mix through pillows, curtains, table runners, bedding, and more. The organic texture of linen pairs amazingly with other natural materials such as wood and rattan. Plus, linen is sustainable and has longevity, the fabric will fit your interior design aesthetic even beyond the spring season.

18. Decorate with Gardening Items

Spring and gardening go hand in hand because it is the season when many plants, flowers, and trees begin to bloom and grow. One can celebrate the beauty of spring by using garden tools like trowels and watering cans as decorative objects. Vintage crates and baskets could provide unique storage solutions. Connecting with nature and enjoying growth and renewal can all be brought indoors through interior design.

19. Infuse the Scents of Spring

Scent plays a big role in the atmosphere and memories associated with a room. Popular spring aromas for a soothing environment include lavender, jasmine, and lilac. Citrus scents like lemon and grapefruit add a burst of freshness.

There are many ways to infuse your home with spring aromas, whether it be scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or natural flowers. “Another option is to burn a citrus and floral simmer pot on the stove,” shares interior decorator Bailey Archer. “A good-smelling home not only leaves a great first impression but instantly makes your guests feel cozy and welcome.”

20. Display Spring in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and there's no better place to display some spring decor. It could be as simple as a decorative bowl full of fresh fruits and vegetables, like lemons, limes, and oranges.

Kitchen spring interior design ideas 

📸: @fidlinaroundhome

“We are seeing art in the kitchen in a new way for spring,” states designer and author Stephanie Thornton Plymale. “Grab a collection of vintage plates and create a wall display. Cluster a collection of cutting boards to add nostalgia and texture to your kitchen.”

21. Create a Spring-Themed Centerpiece

The dining table needs some love for Spring too. A DIY centerpiece using a mix of fresh flowers and greenery is a brilliant idea. Simply take a basket or tray and arrange foliage, eggs, and other spring-themed decorations for a refreshed eating area. You can also start using rustic items like a vintage watering can to spruce up the dining table.

Spring themed center piece 

📸: @the_southernhoney

22. Swap Out Your Bedding

Swap out heavy winter bedding for lightweight fabrics and brighter colors. Think crisp white linens, pastel quilts, and floral sheets. Not only will your bedroom look and feel refreshed, but the lighter bedding will also help keep you cool and comfortable as the weather warms up.

23. Use Pastel-Colored Tableware

Set your table with pastel-colored plates, bowls, and glasses for a cheerful and seasonal touch. Mix and match for fun or choose a set in a single color for a more streamlined aesthetic. Your table will look fresh and inviting, and the use of pastel colors creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

Pastel colors for spring dining room 

📸: @cottagefarmhouse1872

24. Seasonal Decor Declutter

‘’Spring decor isn’t necessarily about adding to your existing scheme - you can just as easily reinvent the space by decluttering it,” points out Jen Nash of Magnet. “Invest in clever storage solutions, such as built-in drawer organizers, and extendable wire baskets in your kitchen cupboards, or create open shelving displays of glassware and crockery.”

Innovative storage solutions along with decluttering creates a functional home that has the illusion of more space.

25. Add a Pop of Neon

Neon colors are a big trend for spring, so add a neon-colored pillow, vase, or piece of artwork for a fun and modern twist. Just be sure to balance out the neon with more subdued elements to keep the look from feeling too overwhelming. With a pop of neon, your home will feel playful and energetic, going perfectly with the lively and vibrant spirit of spring.

26. Add Decorative Branches

Adding decorative branches is an easy and budget-friendly way to bring the natural beauty of spring into your home. Tanja of @homeandsmile comments, “With fresh colors and decorated branches, spring-like lightness moves into your home.” 

decorative branches for spring interior decor 

📸: @homeandsmile

Whether you opt for cherry blossoms or magnolia branches, these statement-making pieces can be styled in a variety of ways to add a touch of whimsy and drama to your space.

27. Fully Embrace Your Creativity

“Spring is intrinsically associated with joy and new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to experiment with your interiors and try out a fresh, new look,” encourages Jen Nash of Magnet.

spring living room designed using decormatters app 

📸: @edentat

Embrace your creativity and transform your home into a spring oasis with the DecorMatters app. With a few taps, you can browse through endless decor ideas, play with different color schemes, and visualize how new furniture and accessories will look in your space. Plus, you can connect with a community of fellow decor enthusiasts for inspiration and advice. 

28. Discover the Dopamine Trend

“Spring is the perfect time to play around with the dopamine decor trend,” says interior designer Jen Nash. “Introducing mood-boosting colors that carry the brightness from outside into your home to hit you with an instant feeling of joy.”

The dopamine trend is all about incorporating elements into your home decor that promote happiness and positive emotions. It’s about uplifting and energizing your space with playful patterns, bold colors, and abstract decor items.

29. Bold Bathroom Tiles

Add a fresh and modern touch to your home this spring with bold bathroom tiles. You can truly get a unique look by mixing and matching, or using bright colors and geometric prints. Spring is a time for new beginnings and our bathrooms could be in need of some sprucing up.

Blog Post Image

📸: @atasteofkoko

“The key is to use bathroom tiles to make a statement, to create something that will captivate the eye the second you enter the room,” says Mariya Snisar of Renowell. Be careful not to overdo it, but also feel free to experiment and find the right mood for you.

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