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3 Products That Can Make Your Home the Perfect Tech Home

by DecorMatters|Aug 11, 2022

2022 was the year George Jetson blasted into our stratosphere. The life the Jetsons were living was our projected future at this very moment. But how far off were they in their predictions? 

It may not be flying cars and an opportunity to live amongst the stars. Still, if we compared life to the year the TV series was released (1962), we would see a noticeable difference in technological advancement. 

white patio area, light wood, outdoor rug

📸: @blancobungalow

Time travelers popping in for a visit from the sixties would be a little confused why their old furniture is now placed next to an 80" Smart TV and its matching sound bar. We reckon they'd be pretty shocked to find out that almost 70 years later, mid-century modern is still a trendy design style.

Old or new; however, you've designed your home. If you want to start working your way towards cultivating the perfect tech home, here are the three products we recommend you invest in from the get-go.

white round couch, gallery artwork wall, white curtain

📸: @tokyotolagirl

Smart Lights, Everywhere

What's better than good lighting? It changes everything for the atmosphere of a space. Harsh, fluorescent LED light can create caging prison vibes. But warm lighting with calming ambiance, imitating a monk's bedroom, thus flooding us with total zen. 

But in some parts of the day, we may need to utilize different lighting to make use of the space we have. For example, it's not ideal to be in warm and calming lighting when working from home as we want to be our most productive selves. 

built-in white bookcases, living room decor

📸: @mazo_design

So completely decking out every light source in your house like the Dalai Lama may not be the most versatile idea. 

We can use smart lights to alter the atmosphere around us with a click of a button. Hosting a rave? Turn up the heat with deep reds, making your space the perfect party atmosphere. Need to smash out a project before 5 pm? Blue and white lighting are the best for focus. 

white couch, soft beige living room, coffee table

📸: @ditteshjem

Complete control of the lighting around you should be mandatory when designing a home, but most opt not to do so. We think if you're already trying to implement more tech into your home, this will benefit you in many ways. 

We'd recommend the Phillips Hue Light that connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to its supporting app. 

Multi-Room Audio Systems Are Your New Best Friend

There's nothing more sophisticated than playing the 'Evening Jazz' playlist on Spotify from every room in the house just by whipping out your iPhone. 

corduroy sofa, coffee table, indoor plants

📸: @marienova

By installing smart speakers in your home, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion instantly. Want to make your toilet a more exciting experience? You can cultivate your dream-themed toilet for all your guests by installing a Sonos speaker. These guys allow you to play a constant stream of specified music to suit the room you or your guests are in. 

The Sonos Collection lets you lose yourself to music and the moment -- even calls won't disrupt your peace and there are plenty of free music channels to choose from outside of Spotify to create the perfect mood. 

Movie Nights Are Better With Smart Projectors

Is there any better a flex than 'I've practically got a cinema happening in my lounge room'? 

white couches, white rug, home plant

📸: @pernillawahlgren

The good news is that many high-quality HD projectors have become more affordable in recent years as technology has advanced. In ye' olden days of the early 2000s, even the worse projector would have set you back quite a few hundred. 

In modern times, you can find a reasonably affordable projector on Amazon and connect a FireStick to it via its HDMI to stream Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Voila, you have a smart projector at your fingertips and a cinema in your lounge room.

dining room, gallery art wall, small sitting corner

📸: @casa_de_car

We feel the biggest benefit of installing projectors is not having a TV and its supporting cabinet take up an entire living space. Most projectors look fantastic projected directly onto the wall in your lounge room. 

If you're looking only to spend a few hundred dollars, the Groview is an excellent, affordable projector with unreal video quality and reliable customer service. A major hit with U.S. clients looking for a deal under $350. 

However, if you want to go all out in quality, Samsung has an impressive 4K projector with a triple laser resolution projector that can blow your mind. 

platform bed, indoor plants

📸: @munichjungle

Making your home a tech home has become an accessible and affordable option to add to your over-haul, with modern-day advancements always searching for ways to improve quality without breaking the bank. 

Start with these three bad boys of the technology world, and you'll already start to see and feel the difference in what tech you're cultivating in your space.

Check out DecorMatters for more tips on how to blend advanced tech with the perfect design.

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