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15 Fresh and Inspired Laundry Room Design Ideas for a Stylish Makeover

by DecorMatters|Aug 10, 2023

Laundry day. It's a ritual we all partake in, yet the very room that hosts this weekly affair often gets left behind in the design department. But what if doing laundry could be an experience that delights the senses, a moment to pause and admire creativity in action? With the right touch of design magic, your laundry room can transform from a mundane corner to a vibrant, stylish oasis!

Whether it's adding an artistic flourish, playing with pastels, or innovatively stacking appliances, these 15 fresh ideas are bound to make your laundry room a haven of inspiration. It's time to rethink the laundry room and give it the glamorous makeover it rightfully deserves!

1. Bring In Natural Light

Natural light for a laundry room design

Jennifer Wundrow

Laundry rooms, hidden away and often overlooked, can sometimes resemble a cave—dim, cramped, and purely functional. But, they don't have to be! Infusing your laundry room with natural light doesn't only transform the ambiance; it revitalizes your entire laundering experience. Introducing a well-placed window or skylight can bring a touch of whimsy and life to the most utilitarian of spaces.

For example, take the elegant design crafted by Jennifer Wundrow. By incorporating a broad window that invites natural sunlight, she casts a gorgeous glow on the room's decor, enhancing the visual appeal and turning a simple laundry routine into a delightful experience.

2. Infuse Creativity with Artistic Flair

Artistic Laundry Room Design for a stylish makeover 

Grace Lee-Lim, Photographed by Molly Haas

When it comes to interior spaces, especially the often-overlooked laundry room, incorporating your unique artistic flair is more than a mere decorative choice—it's a declaration of self-expression.

Consider the sophisticated touch provided by Grace Lee-Lim's design, which showcases colorful checkered walls. These aren't merely patterns; they're a balanced blend of minimalism and vitality that breathes life into an otherwise utilitarian space. “A small space with a big impact, this laundry room was transformed to bring a bright cheerfulness while doing laundry,” says Grace.

3. Paint Your Cabinets

painted laundry room cabinets for a stylish laundry room makeover 

Natalia Avalos

The choice of paint for your cabinets can redefine your laundry room's entire ambiance. In a space where you'll spend a significant amount of time tending to your fabrics, a thoughtfully chosen color can enhance both the visual appeal and the mood.

When Interior designer Natalia Avalos introduced a soothing light blue to the cabinets in this particular laundry room, she did more than just alter a hue; she breathed life into the space. This gentle color not only complements the room's overall palette but also creates a “tranquil oasis with soft blue cabinetry that exudes peace and serenity,” shares Natalia. “We incorporated natural fibers, delightful tiles, and colorful cabinetry to infuse the room with texture and charm.”

4. Simple Storage and Functionality

functional laundry room with simple storage design 

Ashlee Cravens, Built by Brandon Cravens

In the world of laundry room design, the marriage of functionality and elegance is a vital aspect, and it starts with innovative storage solutions. Masterfully created by the talented Ashlee Cravens, the integration of open shelving adds a breathable, open environment allowing for the artful display of charming decorative elements. This feature doesn't just serve to please the eye; it's thoughtfully constructed to foster ease and efficiency.

The use of baskets and stylish jars to contain smaller items orchestrates a harmonious balance between form and function. “This laundry space is not the largest - but with careful planning, it became one of the most functional and beautiful spaces in the house,” says Ashlee.

5. Stack the Machines

laundry room design with stacked machines 

Casa Vilora

The pursuit of an efficient layout in a compact laundry room often leads us to an overlooked dimension: vertical space. Utilizing this dimension, designer Veronica Solomon artfully stacked the appliances and ingeniously reached up to the ceiling with storage options. “I am so happy that the washer and dryer are now stacked. Not as much bending over now,” says Veronica.

This method not only optimizes the floor area but brings a sense of depth and height to the room. Accompanied by a conveniently positioned countertop for folding clothes, the design caters to functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. In small spaces, stacking is more than a solution; it's a design statement, transforming limitations into innovative elegance.

6. Decorate with Fun Wallpaper

wallpaper design for a laundry room makeover

House Lift Design

When it comes to transforming the look and feel of your laundry room, wallpaper isn't just an option, it's a game-changer. If your laundry room is languishing in blandness, it's time to awaken the senses with an exciting pattern. Choose a wallpaper that speaks to your creative soul, be it an abstract geometric design, a soothing floral print, or an adventurous tropical motif. Layer it with neutral accessories to let the paper truly shine as the room's focal point.

Remember, the wallpaper isn't just a backdrop; it's a bold statement that infuses energy and personality into the space. Embrace the power of pattern and watch your laundry room come alive with character and charm.

7. Incorporate Wooden Elements

wooden elements for a laundry room makeover design 

Chelsea Mohrman

The influence of wood in interior design cannot be overstated, particularly in spaces where warmth and elegance are sought. In the laundry room, the introduction of wooden accents takes the environment to new heights of sophistication.

As showcased by designer Chelsea Mohrman, the interplay between stunning white surfaces and warm wood creates an atmosphere that's both modern and inviting. “When designing this space, we wanted something open and fresh. We loved the white-on-white with a practical wood countertop for folding,” shares Chelsea. By blending open and closed storage solutions and incorporating room for plants and accessories, wood effortlessly infuses the room with a natural richness.

8. Get Playful with Flooring

playful flooring design for a stylish laundry room makeover

Randi Garrett Design

Your laundry room's flooring is more than just a surface to walk on; it's a blank canvas begging to be adorned with creativity and flair. Delving into the world of patterned floor tiles in a classic plaid can elevate the layout of a utilitarian space to something extraordinary.

Consider the flooring as an extension of your artistic expression. By infusing character and charm through distinctive tiles, you not only create visual interest but also embrace a playfulness that can make laundry day an engaging experience. It's time to think beyond mere functionality and invite bold and innovative design underfoot.

9. Illuminate with Style

laundry room light for a stylish laundry room design

Graham's Living

In the realm of laundry room design, lighting often plays a vital but underestimated role. But with thoughtfully chosen accent lighting, you can breathe life and elegance into this functional space. Consider a fusion of overhead lights for general illumination and task lighting for specific working areas, such as over the sink or folding station.

Sconces can add a decorative flourish, providing both ambiance and practicality, especially where surface styling is limited. Don't overlook the potential of under-cabinet lighting, which can add a soft glow and make the room feel warm and inviting. Explore options like pendant lights over the countertop or even dimmable floor lamps to create different moods.

10. Hide the Appliances

hidden appliances for a stylish laundry room design

Jhackleen Boychew

Not a fan of seeing your laundry machines? You're certainly not alone. The visual appeal of washers and dryers often clashes with the aesthetic ambiance of our homes. This is where the art of concealment comes into play. By hanging a stylish barn door or implementing sleek cabinetry, you can transform a laundry room or even a laundry closet into a chic and uncluttered space.

Concealing appliances isn't just about hiding something unattractive; it's about creating harmony and fluidity within your interior design. Utilizing matching materials and tones to your home's existing décor, or even employing retractable doors and hidden compartments, allows for a seamless blend.

11. Optimize Your Walls

Wall storage design for a laundry room makeover

Bre Bertolini

In the vast canvas of the laundry room, walls are not just barriers; they are potential storage powerhouses. Utilizing vertical space through open shelving, cabinets, or even chic peg rails can bring both elegance and efficiency to your room. By arranging your go-to cleaning supplies like scrubbing brushes and stain solutions on these shelves, you create an aesthetic display that's also practical.

Consider hanging frequently used items or clothing that needs air drying on elegant wall hooks. This approach not only organizes your space but transforms the walls into a functional feature that exudes style.

12. Refresh with Pastels

Pastel colored laundry room design 

Robyn Davis

Pastel shades are no longer confined to nurseries or springtime decor; they have found their stylish niche in laundry rooms too. Opting for pastels like soft pink, lilac, or mint green can infuse your laundry room with an uplifting and soothing ambiance.

These colors evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation, transforming an otherwise mundane chore area into a delightful space for creativity. By blending these gentle hues with classic whites or blues, you can brighten the room and make it feel more open and airy.

13. Add a Stylish Hanging Rack

include a hanging rack to your laundry room design

Whittney Parkinson

The addition of a hanging rack in your laundry room is far more than just a utilitarian choice; it's an artistic statement that marries function with flair. Think of it as the retail treatment for your home, where clothes aren't merely hung to dry but displayed with panache.

This inventive use of vertical space not only offers an efficient way to dry garments but adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise mundane routine. With the right design, a hanging rack can transform your laundry room into a chic space that echoes boutique aesthetics while catering to your daily needs.

14. Experiment with Patterns

patterned walls for a laundry room makeover design

Andrew Howard

When it comes to reimagining the laundry room, don't shy away from playing with patterns! We firmly believe that blending different patterns and textures can infuse your space with a lively, distinct personality. Consider incorporating geometric tiles on the floor, complemented by floral or whimsical wallpaper on the walls. This blend not only creates visual interest but also imbues the space with character and energy.

Contrasting patterns can be unified through color schemes, ensuring cohesion in your design. It's a statement of creativity and an opportunity to showcase your unique style, making the laundry experience not just a chore but an engaging visual treat.

15. Go Timeless with Classic Colors

Classic colors for a laundry room design 

Dash Of Light

Classic color combinations have a way of imbuing an air of sophistication and timelessness in any space, and the laundry room is no exception. As featured in Dash Of Light’s stunning design, opting for a deep, navy-adjacent blue paired with crisp white floors and walls can create a sense of harmony and serenity.

These shades are more than just pleasing to the eye; they evoke a sense of clean freshness and stability. They have proven to stand the test of time in interior design, creating a universal appeal that transcends fleeting trends. By embracing these classic colors, you're investing in a design that will continue to inspire and resonate for years to come.

Transform Your Laundry Room Today

And there you have it, 15 exquisite ideas that breathe life, style, and innovation into the once-overlooked laundry room. No longer must laundry day be confined to a mundane chore in a lackluster corner of your home.

Here's the cherry on top: You don't have to embark on this design adventure alone. Download the DecorMatters app today, and craft your dream laundry room at your fingertips. Whether it's experimenting with patterns, playing with lighting, or swapping out colors, the app is your tool for virtual laundry room design.

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