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11 Small Touches That Will Give Your Home a Whole New Look

by Rose Morrison|Jan 11, 2024

Sometimes, all it takes is a slight change to liven up your living space. Here are 11 small touches that will give your home a refreshing new look.

1. Decor Art Mirror

fun mirror designs

📸 Candy Cloud Mirror 

Mirrors add the illusion of space by reflecting light and mirroring other decor elements in your space. You can transform your living room or bedroom with a decorated mirror frame.

Some mirror frame ideas to try:

  • Faux flowers: Stick faux flowers on the mirror frame and decorate further with rhinestones and glitter. You can leave the flowers in their original color or paint them gold or silver to match the rest of your decor.
  • Cotton: Create a cloud mirror for hallways or bedrooms with this simple trick. Outline the frame with glue, add an LED strip light, and cover with cotton.
  • Paint: Paint the bottom or sides of a circle mirror with a geometric pattern, flowers or swirls that match your decor.

2. Repainted Front Door

A refreshed front door can transform your home and add curb appeal. Before you paint it, ensure you know what your chosen color looks like in the sun or under artificial light at night.

Black front door to give your home a new look 

📸 Tradco

You may want to go for neutrals or darker colors. You might be surprised to know that a black front door can increase your home’s value by $6,721, and while you may not want to sell your house, this just shows the impact of a different door color on the aesthetics and value of your home.

3. Indoor Plants

Even just one plant can add some character to your home. They make a space seem more lively and refreshing. In addition to adding charm to your home, plants also have several health benefits, like purifying your air, improving sleep, aiding stress relief, and increasing concentration.

indoor plant design living room 

📸 Caroline Reichel

Think about how you can complement your decor style. A modern and minimalist house will benefit from sleek, neutral-colored pots, while a midcentury modern aesthetic will look better with potted plants arranged on wooden or metal plant stands. Play with layers and place a few small plants on top of a coffee table or a large plant in a corner with a smaller one next to it.

4. New Doorknobs

High-quality doorknobs add some protection and style to your home. It’s usually as easy as removing old door knobs, matching the new ones to the holes and screwing them into place. When replacing exterior door knobs, remember to replace the exterior locking system to maintain protection levels.

new door knob for a small home revamp 

📸 Corston Architectural Detail

Do you tend to forget your house keys? This is your chance to install a smart door handle that you can unlock with a keypad, your fingerprint, or your phone.

5. Updated Bathroom Fixtures

You won’t believe the difference new fixtures make to your bathroom! They can completely change the overall feel of your home.

bathroom fixture design 

📸 Laila Rietbergen

Replace bathroom fixtures like faucets with bold-colored black or gold ones. You can get new fixtures in almost any style, whether you want a gold brass-style sink faucet or a black minimalist contemporary faucet. These fixtures can brighten up the bathroom without having to repaint or do a complete haul of your tub or sink. And while you do it, why not replace or paint the flusher, too?

6. Curtain Pole Finials

Give your curtain rods sophistication with a finial that matches your decor style. They come in various shapes like leaves, spirals, crystal balls, and urns. You can also add matching curtain tiebacks to tastefully draw your curtains and let the sunlight in on sunny days.

curtain rod finials design 

📸 Stilling

Since finials are removable, why not buy a few spare pairs to refresh your home in seconds?

7. Accent Wall

living room accent wall design 

📸 Kelsi Clem

This is another small touch that will transform your home instantly. An accent wall can turn an otherwise plain space into a conversation starter. Some ideas you might want to consider:

  • Wall adhesives, such as stars, cityscapes or quotes
  • Wallpaper
  • A bold coat of paint
  • A fabric patch-work quilt stuck onto cardboard and taped to the wall
  • Mosaic tiles or stick-on tiles

8. Repainted Decor Items

Blog Post Image

📸 Ashleigh Lauren 

Spray paint decor items like end tables any color you want to give your home a fresh look. Painting also gives you an opportunity to recycle items you might have given away or thrown away in exchange for new ones. A color like gold will go well with blue furniture and accessories, while teal complements a home with lots of wooden elements and earthy tones.

9. Mounted TV

mounted tv for the living room 

📸 Decoreseudia

Mounted TVs look great and give you better viewing angles by letting you tilt your screen in different directions. In smaller spaces, it can make a room look less cluttered. You could move your TV to the corner to make room for more furniture, or you can use your entertainment center for decorative items, plants or a diffuser.

10. Refreshed Bookshelf

refreshed bookshelf for an updated home look 

📸 Helene Katrine

Your bookshelf is likely already a piece of furniture that stands out. Take advantage of this and spruce it up. To revamp your bookshelf, you can:

  • Add some potted plants.
  • Reorder your books by color. 
  • Reorder the books by size or play with layers. 
  • Paint the bookshelf a different color.
  • Add some wallpaper to the back of the shelf.
  • Install a barn door where you can hide less aesthetically pleasing items like storage boxes or instruction manuals. 
  • Paint the edges of the bookshelf in a bold color. 

11. Cable Management

cable management box

📸 Houden.official

Get a cord box or drill a hole into your entertainment center to pull cords through and hide them. This tip is not limited to your living room either. Cord boxes are also useful in bedrooms, studies, and any place with cables. They make a space look cleaner and also make your workspaces safer, reduce troubleshooting time, and protect your cables from pinching and breaking.

Give Your Home a New Look

You can transform your home with a few simple touches. Most projects will take less than a day to implement, so even with limited time, you can still give your space a refreshed look.

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