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10 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024

by DecorMatters|updated Jan 10, 2024

In today's dynamic world, our spaces shape our moods and experiences, making interior design more crucial than ever. As we step into 2024, a whole universe of aesthetic wonders awaits on Instagram. It's a place where global design maestros showcase their groundbreaking ideas and breathtaking spaces. We've handpicked 10 Instagram accounts that are absolutely killing it in the design game right now. Whether you're looking to revamp your living room or just need a little something to spark your imagination, these are the trendsetters to follow for your daily dose of interior inspiration.

1. Ryan Korban @ryankorban

Ryan Korban, through his Instagram handle @ryankorban, showcases a world where luxury and romance intertwine seamlessly. His feed is a curated collection of interior design projects that epitomize the allure of modern luxury. Known for his romantic and chic palette, Ryan creates spaces that are not just rooms but experiences, each telling its own story through a blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance.

luxury grand living room design idea

📸 Ryan Korban

Korban's style is distinct in its ability to invoke a sense of grandeur while maintaining a cozy, intimate feel. Beyond just being an Instagram sensation, Ryan Korban has made substantial contributions to the world of interior design. His achievements include a portfolio of high-end residential and commercial projects, each reflecting his signature style of sophisticated urbanity combined with a touch of romantic flair. He has designed spaces for prominent figures in fashion, entertainment, and beyond, earning him a spot among today's most sought-after interior designers.

 2. Dabito @dabito

Meet Dabito, the creative maestro behind the wildly popular blog and studio, Old Brand New. Known in the design world by his handle @dabito, he's not just another designer, artist, or author; he's a trendsetter who has been painting the world in bold and vivid colors since 2010. Imagine walking into a room that's alive with vibrant hues and an eclectic collection of items — that's the Dabito touch. His signature style, known as eclectic maximalism, is all about embracing bold color choices and a mix of textures and patterns that sing in harmony.

colorful and cozy living room designed by Dabito

📸 Dabito

Dabito's approach to interior design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about crafting spaces that tell a story — your story. Each color, object, and artwork he chooses is a paragraph in the narrative of your home, making each space deeply personal and emotively powerful. This philosophy has not only made waves in homes across the nation but has also caught the eye of some of the most prestigious publications in the field. Better Homes & Gardens, the New York Times, Architectural Digest, and House Beautiful have all featured his work, celebrating the fresh breath of air he brings into interior design.

3. Emily Henderson @em_henderson

Emily Henderson, affectionately known as @em_henderson on Instagram, dances through the design world with an effortless grace and a touch of whimsy. Since clinching the title on HGTV's "Design Star" back in 2010, she's been sprinkling a little magic in homes far and wide, crafting spaces that are as chic as they are inviting. Known for her signature eclectic style, Emily has a knack for mixing the old with the new, turning average rooms into cozy nooks brimming with personality and panache.

checkerboard tile flooring in the dining room idea

📸 Emily Henderson

What sets Emily apart is her methodical yet intuitive approach. She dives deep into the sea of her client's personal tastes, surfacing with design concepts that resonate on a deeply personal level. Each project is a journey, with Emily as the guide, leading the way through a forest of vintage treasures and contemporary finds, all coming together to tell a unique story.

4. Steve Cordony @stevecordony

Steve Cordony is a prominent Sydney-based interior and event stylist, as well as the style director-at-large for Belle, a leading Australian interior design magazine. His diverse experience in the design industry includes crafting stunning events and interiors for esteemed clients like Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, and Waterford. Cordony is also recognized for his influence on social media, particularly as one of the top Australian interior Instagrammers. He regularly conducts interior styling workshops and hosts industry events, sharing his extensive knowledge in design with a broader audience​

Steve Cordony bedroom design 

📸 Steve Cordony

Interior designer Steve Cordony creates spaces that exude luxury and elegance. His Instagram is an array of stunning vignettes from his farmhouse, offering a visual feast of refined country living. His design approach is a balance of classic style and modern comfort, making his feed a source of endless inspiration.

5. Kelsey Leigh @kelseyleighdesignco

Kelsey Leigh and her vibrant team at Kelsey Leigh Design Co. bring an air of relaxed sophistication to home design. Known for their "Warm Modern" style, they expertly blend beauty with practicality, creating spaces that aren't just visually stunning but also wonderfully livable. Imagine walking into a room that feels like a warm hug – that's the magic they craft. Their approach is both educational and fun; they guide clients through the design journey with ease, making choices seem less daunting and more like an exciting adventure. With a portfolio boasting gems like the Black Oak living room and kitchen, they merge modern rustic charm with a touch of European luxury.

maroon red kitchen interior design by Kelsey Leigh 

📸 Kelsey Leigh 

Based in Oklahoma City, this team of nationally celebrated designers doesn't just design homes; they transform them into artful sanctuaries, whether it's building from scratch, furnishing, or renovating. Each project is a testament to their commitment to turning ordinary floor plans into extraordinary, praise-worthy living experiences.

6. Caitlin Pappas @nest.out.west

Caitlin Pappas, the creative force behind Nest Out West, whisks affordable chic into homes with a sprinkle of fun and a dash of practicality. Nestled in Denver, Colorado, she and her handy hubby have turned their abode into a living, breathing showcase of savvy design and nifty DIY tricks. Not just a home, but a studio too, their space twinkles under the camera lights during product shoots and branding ballets for various brands.

gorgeous dining room layout designed by Caitlin Pappas

📸 Caitlin Pappas

Caitlin is all about doling out stylish yet wallet-friendly wisdom, offering snazzy-styled photography and thoughtful design consultations. It's all about getting that custom cozy feel, without your wallet feeling the pinch!

7. Natalie Papier @home_ec_op

Natalie Papier is the artistic force behind Home Ec., an eclectic interior design company known for its colorful and unconventional designs. She's renowned for her lifelong love of eclectic and colorful aesthetics, drawing inspiration from her childhood Victorian home.

colorful patterned living room design by Natalie Papier

📸: Natalie Papier

Natalie's work defies the mundane, showcasing a penchant for colorful wallpaper, eclectic art, and funky textures, with a strong emphasis on supporting local art and community artists. Her designs are celebrated on the Magnolia Network show "Artfully Designed" and have been featured in prominent publications like Domino, Real Simple, and HGTV Magazine, reflecting her bold and playful design ethos

8. Hillary Style @thehillarystyle

Hillary, known on Instagram as @thehillarystyle, is an emerging talent in the world of interior design. Her style is characterized by her vibrant energy and a keen eye for detail, blending classic comfort with modern trends to create spaces that are both welcoming and chic. Hillary's designs often feature a mix of rich textures and bold patterns, paired with a carefully selected palette of colors that bring warmth and depth to every room. Her ability to balance various elements results in interiors that are stylish yet functional, reflecting her belief that a home should be a sanctuary that represents the personalities and lifestyles of its inhabitants.

modern black and white living room and kitchen

📸 Hillary

Her Instagram feed, @thehillarystyle, is a testament to her design philosophy and skill. It showcases a portfolio of her work, ranging from cozy, intimate corners to expansive, elegantly appointed rooms. Each post reveals her meticulous attention to detail and her passion for transforming spaces into beautiful, lived-in homes. Hillary's use of lighting, art, and accessories adds layers of sophistication and personality to her designs, making each project uniquely its own.

9. Tiffany Leigh @tiffanyleighdesign

deep brown neutral living room design by Tiffany Leigh

📸 Tiffany Leigh Design

Tiffany Leigh and her interior design firm are celebrated for their thoughtfully curated design approach. They specialize in transforming personal spaces into dream homes and cottages that reflect the client's personality. Tiffany Leigh Design focuses on approachable and livable interiors that are welcoming and elevated, emphasizing quality craftsmanship, emotional connection, and natural elements. Their signature style incorporates a beautiful tension between old and new, clean-lined and organic, textural and sleek, blending contemporary lines with vintage character pieces for a seamlessly beautiful space

10. Jean Stoffer @jeanstofferdesign

Jean Stoffer, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has gained recognition for her modern classic home designs. Nationally known initially for her timeless kitchen designs, her work now spans elegant and approachable designs for entire homes, particularly kitchens. She and her daughter Grace Start, who joined the firm in 2016, combine classic and modern sensibilities to create comfortable and beautiful spaces.

gorgeous white and blue kitchen design by Jean Stoffer

📸 Jean Stoffer

Her firm, Jean Stoffer Design, is known for its unique mix of materials, textures, and colors, as well as its deep respect for classic architecture. Their work, which often involves collaborating with architects and contractors, has received numerous design awards and is regularly featured in national design magazines. The firm operates a brick-and-mortar store, Stoffer Home, and has launched its own line of cabinetry, reflecting Jean's passion for English-inspired kitchens

As we wrap up this vibrant journey through 2024's most captivating Instagram accounts in interior design, it's clear that these trendsetters are not just designing spaces – they're crafting dreams. 

Now, why stop at mere inspiration? It's your turn to be the artist of your own space. With the DecorMatters app, you're not just a spectator; you're the creator. This app is where your wildest design fantasies can leap off the screen and into your living room, bedroom, or any corner of your home craving a touch of magic. So, go ahead, play around with layouts, textures, and colors. Mix, match, and experiment in a way that truly speaks to you. Happy designing!

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