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Three Finishing Touches Your Patio Needs

by Samantha Potter|May 19, 2022

Despite what’s happening with the weather outside, patio season is rapidly approaching. It’s taking slightly longer than we would all like, but we see glimpses and know that it is on the way. When that sun shines and shares its warmth, it makes me excited. I cannot wait to get the space power washed, set up the furniture and rugs, and have my weekend cocktails in the glorious daylight. This past week, I was lucky enough to do another collaboration with my favorite home decor store in Canada, HomeSense. I found so many goodies that completed our patio perfectly, setting us up well for hosting our family and friends. It reminded me of this post I did last year on how to elevate your patio space. While this one is similar, I actually think the combination of the two will make your patio a perfect oasis for the summer. So, here we have it: three finishing touches your patio needs to bring it from meh to WOW.

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Your Outdoor Spaces Need Blankets

I am ready to say that we must add pillows as the perfect finishing touch for our patio spaces, but I did say that in last year’s post already and it is a given. Do you know what’s not a given?! Having blankets in your patio space for those breezy summer days or chilly nights. I appreciate nothing more than staying warm and as we transition into summer with some questionable weather, let’s make sure we know how to keep ourselves and our guests comfortable: with some cozy blankets.

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High-Quality Melamine and Plastic Dishware

Glass and ceramic are generally not the best ideas in your outdoor spaces. My husband walks around barefoot in the backyard all of the time. Now, my daughter has learned to do this. Either of these materials getting broken on our paving stones would be a nightmare to try to clean and we want to make sure the little and big bare feet are safe. Not to mention, many of our family and friends have young children so for the safety of all, let’s stick to the melamine and plastic dishware outdoors. The thing is, you should look for some higher quality products. I struggle to drink out of plastic glasses – particularly low-quality glasses. I feel like there is a strange taste happening and it takes away from my cocktail drinking experience. Once we switched to high-quality glasses (that were also dishwasher safe!), I was able to comfortably drink my cocktails. PS – high-quality doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank – these were from HomeSense for $3.99 each.

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Centerpieces on Your Outdoor Coffee Table

Centerpieces and decor for your outdoor coffee table are next-level bougie as a finishing touch for your outdoor patio space – but it makes a huge difference in the invitingness you’re creating. Before you judge, do you decorate your indoor coffee table?! So why wouldn’t you decorate your outdoor table?! I decided to add even more greenery and tie in the garden around us with a little planter and plant. I also used a serving tray with my dishes as another anchoring piece on the table which made it feel cohesive. If I had everything separate it would have been just ok, but the serving tray collects everything and makes it feel like it’s one piece, not 5 different pieces that are also on the table trying to fit in.

I hope these tips have helped you complete your patio space and bring it from a 7/10 to a 100/10! Happy almost summertime weather!!!!

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This article was written by Samantha from Signed Samantha.

Meet The Author

Samantha is a working mama who has always looked to find that work/life balance.

On her website, you’ll find a daily dose of inspiration, coupled with a ton of sarcasm and a few laughs. Signed Samantha is a millennial mom who encompasses all things food, cocktails, entertaining, home decor, easy D.I.Ys, toddler activities, and everything in between.

Check out her Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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