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The Ultimate Three-Step Guide to Buying Furniture and Home Decor in 2019 Using Mobile Technology

by DecorMatters|Jan 23, 2019

We live in a time that is thriving with innovation and technology, where all of our needs are simplified into our phones. The home design experience can be complicated, tedious and stressful. This is why, when it comes to designing our homes, we should take advantage of the technological assets available in the interior design industry right now, so that we can make it an enjoyable and simple process. We've put together a 3 step guide on how you can shop for furniture and home decor this year, using the latest mobile technology:

1. Do NOT settle

As we mentioned, there are tons of mobile design resources that are available, yet why do so many people still shop in-store and settle for items they aren't in love with? It could be because driving from store to store and having to bet on which couch will look the best in your living room can be an annoying, tedious process. Sometimes we feel like we will never know which item is truly the best unless we actually see this object in our real-life room.

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The good news for you is that you can visualize any item in your room, using the latest technology, and we'll get more into this later. But essentially when it comes to home design, the internet is our best friend. Don’t limit yourself to in-store inventories when you have the power to see all the furniture and decor from any store, at once. With apps like DecorMatters, all of your favorite brands are in one place so you can compare your favorite pieces and not settle for the “it was all they had” piece of furniture.

2. Stay within your price range

Another common issue we see in the home design process is staying within your budget. We all want our homes to look like luxurious and professionally decorated mansions, but often lack the funds to produce such a “dream home.” Additionally, when shopping in-store, it can be a hassle to keep track of prices or have to restart the process of finding the perfect piece after hitting a budget cap in one store, and so many other problems all leading to the same result: You settle. Again, for an item that you don't love.

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Online shopping allows you to stay within your budget and sometimes catch a sale! In the DecorMatters app, you can utilize the filter option, allowing you to define your price range, preferred color, and even narrow it down by the dimensions so that you know it will be a perfect fit in your room. With features like this, it is inevitable that you find what you love for the price you need.

3. Make sure the furniture/ decor fits your lifestyle, design style, and space

In addition to staying within your price range and having a wide selection of products, it is equally important that you make sure what you purchase will fit in your life, whether that means your lifestyle, the design style of your home, or just the space as a whole. Do not mistakingly buy something that doesn’t fit in any of the 3 categories.

The 3 key points to keep in mind when considering how something will fit with your lifestyle are color, size, and comfort. Color can say a lot about your personality. Yellow, for instance, often represents feelings of happiness and a warm welcome. Additionally, matching the color of your purchase with your personal life is important. For example, a white couch may not work for a family of 6 with 4 small children. A darker alternative could be better so stains are less noticeable. In addition to this, size is equally important when considering furniture/decor. For instance, if you often host gatherings, you may want to consider a larger sofa to provide more seating and conversation. Lastly, when considering comfort, think of how the piece of furniture will be utilized and how often. In a room that's used for Netflix binge nights or game nights, comfort may be a necessity. While in a room that's used for work and meetings, comfort may not be as high on the priority list. All things considered, it can be difficult to capture the perfect vibe, feeling, or style in a piece of furniture if you can not visualize it in your home. That is where the latest interior design technology comes in handy.

Something mobile technology provides that no in-store experience will provide you with is the assurance that the product will look great in your space and suit the style of your existing decor and furniture. DecorMatters gives you the opportunity to virtually place any piece of furniture and decor in your desired space, giving you the ability to truly love an item before you buy it! Try different colors, styles, and sizes all before making a purchase.

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In addition to this, the AR (augmented reality) measuring feature within the DecorMatters app allows you to measure the dimensions of any space in your home, solving the issue of not being able to fit large products through your door, and ensuring that your new item places perfectly in your room.

Become more satisfied than ever with your home purchases and follow our Ultimate 3 Step Guide to Buying Furniture and Home Decor. DecorMatters will revolutionize your home design shopping experience, making it easier than ever, eliminating the stress, and giving you the assurance that every purchase will be a great one!

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