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Ideas & Inspiration

Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

by DecorMatters|updated Nov 05, 2020

Thanksgiving is known as the time of the year to share a delicious festive meal with family and friends. Although the food is the center point of celebrating this holiday, the turkey should not be the only beautiful part of your dining table display this Thanksgiving. Decorate an impressive table display that your guests will be excited to sit around with our Thanksgiving table decorating ideas and inspiration.

📷 Marly

📷 Emily

Have a centerpiece

One of the essential elements for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving table is having a centerpiece, which can sit directly in the middle of the table or along the entire length of the center of the table. Similar to how a rug ties a room together, a Thanksgiving table centerpiece ties a festive dining table together. It adds something visually appealing that draws the eye to your table while also serving as a fun conversation starter for your guests. A centerpiece helps set and create a base for the theme of decorations and can easily be created with almost anything, including a mix of wooden trays, pumpkins, fruits, stacked books, or the classic flower arrangement that never fails to enrich a tablescape.

📷 Karen Snyder

📷 Sarah Knuth

Lay a table runner

A pretty table runner laid down the length of the table acts as a base for decorative accessories and adds an extra touch to your centerpiece, whether the centerpiece is large or subtle. This is a great opportunity to add colors, patterns, or textures that stretches across your entire table as a table runner should always start on one side of your table and end at the other. They are helpful in adding decoration to your table and tricks the eye by making the table look longer. In addition, this inexpensive Thanksgiving table decoration acts as a great divider to separate the centerpiece from the place settings, especially if you choose not to use placemats.

📷 Karen Snyder

📷 Holly J

📷 Marilyn

Use unique placemats

There is no denying that Thanksgiving is the time to feast and the reality is that filling plates with delicious food will most likely end up with some on the table. Having placemats keeps your table clean, but also helps set a designated spot for each individual attending. There is nothing wrong with using your daily placemats, but there are a variety of fun options for placemats that are perfect for Thanksgiving you may want to consider! Play around with patterns and colors or go for the simple look, but with a twist. We love the idea of using placemats with printed words that are often associated with Thanksgiving, such as “thankful,” or interactive ones that people can write on and share what they are thankful for later on in the dinner. This simple Thanksgiving table decoration is a small, but thoughtful idea that guests will find unique and entertaining.

📷 Tracey Jones

📷 Susan McInnis

📷 Tracy Stiegler

Add personalized customizations

Nothing makes people feel more special when attending your Thanksgiving dinner than having something personalized for them. Personalized customizations can be a small gift specific to each person’s interest or the same gift for all guests with their name on it next to their place setting. It can also be something as simple and easy as a beautiful name tag at their seat, which is one of the most inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations that make a great impact. This small gesture goes a long way because it makes people happy that you made an effort to make their experience a little more personal.

📷 Patricia Arruda

📷 MagicLinen

📷 Holly J

Create a beautiful table setting

Before you design your Thanksgiving table setting with dream ideas you gathered from Pinterest, know your guest count to guarantee that the table has enough individual place settings for each person attending. This is important to be prepared and also to avoid somebody feeling left out when you have to squeeze in an extra chair with a makeshift place setting. In order to create a beautiful table setting, it should look cohesive and each place setting should be identical with its own set of matching utensils, cups, napkins, and plates. It does not hurt to have more than one plate because they look beautiful stacked together, especially when they are different in sizes, styles, and colors, but also because Thanksgiving is all about the food and having more than one plate makes eating a lot easier.

📷 Cherie

📷 Alyssa Pfirman

Stick to the theme

Choosing a theme and sticking to it will make designing your dream Thanksgiving table a much simpler process. Although you do not have to stick to the traditional colors of Thanksgiving, you can still bring in elements of this holiday by incorporating pumpkins, leaves, or cranberries in your centerpiece or as a decorative piece added to each place setting. Regardless of the colors and decorations you use to create your table, a great way to stay on theme is to light some candles at your table or throughout your home with subtle scents reminiscent of Thanksgiving. This can include scents of apple pie, pumpkin patches, cranberries, and any of the amazing scents from the fall collection at Bath & Body Works. Not only can candles fill your home with the sweet smell of cinnamon, but they also set the mood for a warm and cozy fall dinner.

Now that you have gathered some Thanksgiving table decor ideas, it is time to shop around and design your dream dining table! With the free DecorMatters app, you can decorate the ultimate Thanksgiving table by testing out endless centerpieces and table settings on your phone until you find one you want to recreate this Thanksgiving.

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