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Office Decor Matters: How to Decorate a Productive Office Space

by DecorMatters|May 02, 2019

We can all attest that our office space affects how we feel, but did you know that there’s a correlation between your office design and productivity? Studies show that a poorly designed work environment and office space can actually put a damper on your productivity. Luckily, with these few simple tweaks, you can spruce up your office space and be more productive in no time!

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Let nature do its thing

Nature is a beautiful thing and we need it, especially when sitting indoors at a desk all day. Utilizing plants to fill your empty desk space is a great way to decorate your office at work because it brings nature indoors and improves the air quality around you. Greenery also adds color to your office space and gives off relaxing and positive vibes, therefore, increasing your mood and productivity at work.

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Let the light in

Sunlight is not only beneficial for plants, but for humans as well! Not only does natural lighting give you a boost of energy and put you in a better mood overall, but the daylight also provides extra light to brighten up your workspace. Good lighting, whether natural or artificial, is also essential to reduce eye strain from trying to work with low light.

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Keep it Minimal

Leaving us inspired and motivated, Marie Kondo’s decluttering lessons on Netflix is an art to consider practicing beyond the duration of the show’s season as decluttering is invariably a necessary and beneficial task. It is especially important to declutter your office space to stay organized and productive as clutter can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Keep it minimal by reducing what is on your desktop, limiting the items to only what you use every day.

Everything else can be put away and have its own space with proper storage. Finding the right storage boxes for your office space can help all your pens, papers, and miscellaneous items have a home and stay out of your way to maintain the best desk layout for productivity.

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The acceptable knick-knacks

Although it is important to keep your office space minimal, there are acceptable knick-knacks to keep around to personalize your office so that you feel happy and motivated. A small framed photo of someone or something that makes you happy is a great way to decorate your office space (but too many photos might create a hall of fame of distraction and clutter). Posters with motivational messages and artwork are also ways to bring in color and design into your workspace to inspire creativity and productivity at work.

It’s all in the details

All the little things add up. Something as simple as a few visible cables lying around your workspace and resembling clutter can affect your mood. Managing the cables, such as tying them together and moving them all to one designated area, can clear out more room for you to work comfortably. The best desk setup for productivity depends on personal preference and can be achieved by adjusting your monitor, chair, and desk to a space and height that works best for you. Papers, trash, and other junk seem to pile on faster than you can comprehend when you’re busy, but taking the time out to clean up and put everything away at the end of the day before you leave is one of the simplest office improvement ideas that can lead to a more productive you.

Now that you’ve acquired tips on creating a space for productivity, the process of decorating your ideal office can be simplified by visualizing your space and all that goes into it beforehand. With the free DecorMatters app, the interior design experience has been reinvented using Augmented Reality and ARKit measure, which allows you to scale 3D furniture with real dimensions and ensure that all your interior design needs will fit where you want them to.

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