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It’s Not Too Early To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

by Paul Harrison|Jun 28, 2022
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It is a good idea to ensure that your home is prepared for the months ahead, even if we are heading into summer. You do not need to be a DIY goddess to prepare your home for winter. All you need are a few easy things to do and cross off your list; ideally, you will make it through the season without severe problems at home.

1. Have a technician inspect your boiler.

If you only accomplish one thing before winter arrives, make it boiler servicing. At any time of the year, the last thing you want is for your boiler system to break down, leaving you without hot water or central heating. However, it would be an even worse nightmare if this happened during the holiday season. So get it serviced as soon as possible by an expert registered with Gas Safe, and if you do not already have it, consider getting a boiler cover if it breaks down unexpectedly.

2. Clean the flue of the chimney.

If you have a chimney, now is the time to get it swept if you have not done so already. Never underestimate the amount of damage and destruction caused by a chimney fire. It is just not worth the risk to save a few pounds by attempting to clean the chimney yourself rather than hiring a professional to come in and do it correctly.

3. Clean out the drains and the gutters

This is one of the items on the list that is the easiest to do, but it is also one of the most important things. The gutter drains can get obstructed by debris and leaves, and if water cannot flow out from the home appropriately, it will flow into the house instead. This can lead to various difficulties, including leaks and dampness, which, believe us, is not something you want. Therefore, it is essential to make cleaning the drains and gutters of your home a regular part of your home care routine, especially after storms and before the onset of winter when it is in its full swing.

4. Invest in some insulation.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that installing insulation can result in an average annual savings of around £145 on average. Before moving on to the cavity wall insulation, you should begin with the loft insulation. Some programs help subsidize the cost of having insulation placed, as well as make subsidies available to select individuals to assist them with the expense of having insulation put in. It is not something you will look back on with regret; the advantages it provides throughout a lifetime will unquestionably surpass any costs incurred in the near term.

5. Protect Your Pipes

Pipes that burst during the winter are one of the homeowners' most significant challenges. Typically, this occurs when the water in the pipes freezes and expands, resulting in cracks in the pipes and leaks in the water supply. The easiest approach to stop this from happening is to cover them with a layer of foam, which is lagging.

You might save yourself a significant amount of hassle and money over the upcoming winter months and subsequent years if you put these hints and suggestions into effect. What are you holding out for exactly?

This article was written by Paul from Design & Beyond.

Meet The Author

Paul started Design & Beyond back in 2015 as an online space to share his University portfolio and over the years it changed from a portfolio to a blog and a shop.

Throughout the years, Paul has gained experience and learned a lot from the design world. He is passionate about all that he does so follow along on his journey to success!

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