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How to Style Your Home Gym or Yoga Studio

by DecorMatters|updated Jul 19, 2022

Since gyms have closed and social distancing measures were introduced due to COVID-19, the number of people watching online workouts has soared. With over 90 percent of Americans being forced to stay home, your personal gym or yoga studio may have become one of the places you spend most of your time lately.

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But a practical space to exercise doesn't have to sacrifice style. In fact, interior design can actually help your motivation and confidence when working out.

Whether you have a fully kitted-out spot to get sweaty or you've designated part of your bedroom to mediation, there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to keep your home gym fashionable.

Space & Lighting

If your home gym or yoga studio doesn't have much natural light, adding large mirrors will reflect the light from lamps and make the space feel more open. Mirrors also give the illusion of bigger dimensions, so you'll feel as though you can move around more freely.

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📷 Dishfunctional Designs

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📷 Kara Allen

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📷 Joy Hubner

In terms of lighting, skylights are particularly great to create a low starry effect - a welcome feature if you exercise in a basement that sometimes gets a little claustrophobic. For a cozy sensation, wrap fairy lights around the edges of the mirrors or lay out electric candles on the floor during your yoga sessions (just be conscious not to use real candles as these pose a serious fire hazard).


Bare walls can make your gym or studio seem cold and empty. Add some personality by framing motivational quotes or positive thoughts to hang on the wall. Not only will this give you an energy boost during workouts, but it also asserts that the space has a designated purpose.

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📷 Sarah Dorio

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📷 Mr. Kate

Given that gyms usually involve lots of equipment that can make the space seem busier, stick to a neutral color scheme for the walls and frames. Whites and metallics blend nicely with sports equipment, or pastel colors soften the area. An accent wall is brilliant to add some fun, but be careful not to pick an overwhelming pattern that can distract you from your exercise routines.

A great finish is to mount small shelves on the walls, where you can store fresh towels and toiletries - making the room look more like a professional gym.

Extra Touches

Plants can freshen the space (especially when it gets a bit sweaty), and also oxygenate the air, making the conditions better to work out in. When choosing plants, opt for mismatched pots in different sizes and place them together in a spacious corner or use them to line the perimeter of the room.

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📷 Sarah

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📷 Kate Arends

Elsewhere, cushions, mats, and beanbags are tasteful if used sparingly. Go for clean, smooth textures that align with the color scheme and are genuinely comfortable to sit or stand on.

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📷 Regan Baker Design

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📷 Jessica McGowan

Whenever you leave the gym or studio, make sure it's in pristine condition. Tidying can boost mental health, plus increases the likelihood that you'll return to the gym on a daily basis. Remember to leave hand sanitizer or disinfectant by any equipment you use too - it's hygienic and necessary during the pandemic.

Curated Aesthetic

Like any other part of your house, your home gym or yoga studio should have its own curated aesthetic. Adopting a minimalist approach is perfect to declutter your mind and feel more prepared to hit the gym while in quarantine.

Even if you don't have a fully-equipped exercise space, making the room more stylish will allow you to actively enjoy your time in it. If you're not ready to commit to design changes just yet, you can visualize them in the DecorMatters app, as well as buy furniture and use the VR ruler to take room measurements.

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