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How To Make Your New House Feel Like Home: 15 Warm & Welcoming Ideas

by Rose Morrison|Feb 13, 2024

Before you get a new house, you get excited at the thought of finally having your own space. You get to call it yours and stay in it for years to come. But when you go in for the first time, that feeling may dissipate. Overthinkers may wonder if they chose the right property and why they don't feel the expected joy of having a home.

There could be various reasons your house doesn’t feel like a home yet. Put simply, you’re moving to a new place entirely unfamiliar. Relocating and changing the main base for your life can naturally feel odd.

You can turn your property into a homey house in many ways. This project can have a couple of steps, but it’s worth it to make a home cozy.

1. Spritz a Familiar Scent

One way to make a comfortable home is to utilize different fragrances. Spray a familiar scent around, something that ties you to the feeling of home. If your old place smelled like lavender or lemon, bust out the essential oils and diffuser. You can also brew some coffee and let the aroma waft around. 

2. Paint New Colors

paint new colors to make your house feel like a home

Home @frankeenandesign, Photo @davidtsay, Design @lizstrongstyle

Whether you’re getting a new household or a fixer-upper, painting with your chosen hues can make a house homey. For a cozy living room feeling, you can go with warm whites or fall colors like muted reds, oranges, and yellows.

New homeowners can also just go for their favorite shades. Even without color theory, you might experience the placebo effect instead. Essentially, a color will be soothing or energizing because you expect that result. So, if you think apple green is better than olive, go for it.

3. Get Your Furniture Out

For some people, a home doesn't feel like a home until they’ve furnished it, so get a move on and get your furniture out. You’d be surprised at how adding even small-seeming elements can significantly impact your space feel.

For instance, putting a shoe rack in the living room is like telling yourself you're free to stay and rest for as long as you want. Positioning a closet in the bedroom gives you a sense that this space is where you will start and end your day as you put on different clothes.

4. Display Your Art and Photos

display art and photos to make a home feel homey

Timothy Brown

Another way to make a house a home and add a touch of permanence to your property is to display welcoming home decor. Hang different paintings to make the walls less bare and more you. Spread out the art through various rooms of your home.

Be sure to get out some framed pictures as well. Add them on the walls or place a couple on shelves and coffee tables. Photographs of yourself and your loved ones are a great way to add identity to your place.

5. Switch Out the Curtains

try diy improvement idea of swapping out curtains in new home

Home, Photo @yesi._____

On move-in day, there might be plain curtains or zero window coverings that could use some DIY home improvement ideas. Change things up by switching the curtains with your drapes. Or, for a fresh start, get a new treatment for each room. For instance, blackout curtains are great for the bedroom since they block out almost all the sunlight. 

6. Put in Different Rugs

cozy area rug to create a cozy living room interior that is warm and welcoming

Design Angela Rose, Rug Loloi Rugs

Area rugs add texture and a ton of character. Place a welcome mat by your door and other floor coverings throughout the living room. Neutral designs will complement the rest of the theme and decor in your home. You can also go bold with brighter colors and exciting patterns that will really show off your personality. 

7. Add Plants

add flowers and plants to make your new house feel like a home

Mason and Painter

It’s always nice to bring in a touch of nature inside your home. Especially in this day and age where Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors, it’s nice to have something to nurture. Small succulents will do, but you can get a potted fern too.

You should also get some fresh flowers for the first couple of weeks. Treat it as a gift to the space you’re turning into your home or a pat on the back for successfully getting your own place. Display them in a vase full of water.

8. Buy Some Lamps

One big white light in the center of the room doesn’t give the ambiance of a cozy home. To change this up, get a couple of lamps that will improve the lighting. Pick light fixtures that differ in color temperature. That way, you can switch from making your home into a personal comfy cave to a visitor-friendly space.

9. Have a Housewarming Party

A house should feel warm and cozy. To help it get there, invite the people who make you feel those things to a dinner party. Prepare delicious food that everyone can feast on while chatting about the new place and other life events.

After the initial housewarming, you can keep hosting people. Shake things up by planning out entertainment activities like board game nights or weekend karaoke. Wine Wednesdays are also fun for catching up with friends.

10. Clean Your Space

clean your space to make feel homey and inviting

Home @alexandra.killion.interiors, Photo @parbengtsson1, Design @adamfortner

House chores can be tiring, but it’s also a labor of love for your space. Regularly sweeping the hardwood floors and wiping down the surfaces are excellent ways to get acquainted with your new home. Clean when you move in and schedule it regularly thereafter. 

11. Create a Playroom

house feels like a home with a playroom for children

Camille Duhem

If you have pets or kids, get them settled in by creating a playroom. Put up a playpen and add different toys they can play with to their heart’s content. Seeing animals and children comfortable in your house can help you get used to your new home.

12. Make a Nap Area

While your smaller companions get their space, you can also make a little napping nook. You can convert a part of the lounge into a tucked-away sleeping space with throw pillows and throw blankets. Having this ultimate comfort area creates a warm space and cozy interior.

13. Stock Your Cabinets

Ensure your cabinets are filled with items. For instance, the bathroom cabinet should have your makeup and skincare ready. Seeing these every morning and night can make the apartment feel like home.

Your kitchen pantry should also be stocked. About 54% of American adults are trying to purchase less meat, dairy and eggs for health and financial reasons. If you want to follow the same route, make more plant-based buys.

14. Rearrange When You Want

People rearrange their furniture when they feel restless about the current organization in their home. Don’t hesitate to make a few adjustments in your household, especially if you get a similar feeling after the first week or two.

For instance, move the couch and television when you feel it’s taking up too much space in a particular area. You can also reposition it if you just want to have your leisure corner in a different part of the living room.

15. Spend Time in It

spend time in house to feel like home

Casa Lotti

Many people wonder how long it takes to fully settle into their homes, but there’s no definite answer. Some people actually feel at home the moment they get to their place and unpack. For others, it can take a while before they get comfortable.

The best way to make your house feel like home is to live in it and give it time. Continue going about your life through each day. Before you know it, you’ll feel that sense of relief when walking through your door.

Find Comfort in Your New Home

Your new house is a blank space. But the cool news is that you can experience the joy of truly making the property yours with a couple of homey decor ideas and time. Create a home out of this empty slate and feel happier than ever.

Embark on a home transformation journey with the DecorMatters home design app. This app is your ally in turning a new house into a cozy retreat.

Dive into a world of endless furniture, decor, and color options. Perfect for both playful design games and serious projects, you can unleash your creativity. Download now and join a vibrant community of design lovers who, just like you, desire a home that feels like home.

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