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How to Decorate a Cozy Home for Fall

by DecorMatters|updated Sep 28, 2021

As we transition from the bright and airy home decor of summer to the warmth and comfort of the fall season, decorating a cozy home is one of the best feelings. This is the season of more indoor gatherings, time spent relaxing at home, and getting in the holiday spirit, which makes decorating for fall fun and exciting! Fortunately, it does not take much to decorate a cozy home for fall. Check out our easy tips!

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Swap out throw pillows and blankets

As the weather cools down in the fall, family and friends will start spending more time indoors cozying up on your living room sofas and chairs. Nothing brings the feeling of coziness more than a comfy pile of throw pillows and blankets of all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. One of the easiest warm and cozy living room ideas for fall is to add textured pillows, such as wooly cable knits and rich velvets. You can also save money and space by switching out the covers of your existing pillows to the beautiful colors of fall, including various shades of red, yellow, blue, and orange.

It is time to pull out all the throw blankets you had stored away this summer and drape them over your couch and layer them on your bed. Extra throw blankets can easily be stored in a crate or basket for simple access and decorative storage to create a cozy living room. Not only do throw pillows and blankets set a warm and inviting tone that perfectly represents the fall season, but it also adds visual interest to your living room, bedroom, and dining room.

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Layer area rugs

Choosing the right rug is one of the most important pieces to tie your entire room together all year round. If you do not have the budget for a large area rug that nicely rests below all your cozy furniture, layering area rugs is the best solution to your cozy home design problem. This fall home decor idea easily adds color and texture to your floors while also providing extra cushioning and warmth during the colder temperatures of the fall months. There are no limits to effectively creating this look as long as the bottom rug is visible under the top rug to ensure that the layering effect is displayed.

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Light candles

Candles are essential cozy home decor pieces in any home. The daylight disappears faster in the fall and we can embrace the darkness by lighting candles around the house, which creates a cozy, relaxing, and warm feeling throughout your home. Additionally, candles relieve stress, but an important part of achieving that is choosing the right scents. Candle scents play a huge role in the mood of your space, so lighting seasonal candles that are not overwhelming will help set the right tone for your home.

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Swap out your bedding

Bedding is crucial to decorating a cozy home for fall. Flannel or jersey sheets will be your best options for warmth in these colder months. A thick comforter is a key component to creating a cozy interior design look because it will keep you warm at night and will make your bed look as comfortable as the hotel bedding we all love. Adding a simple fuzzy, dark, or thick throw blanket on top of your bedding is one of the easiest ways to transition a bedroom to fall. Fall bedding does not have to involve completely changing your color palette. For those with neutral-colored bedrooms, a few layers and simple colored pillows and throw blankets can be enough to dress up your bedding for the season.

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Warm up the table

The dining table may seem like a small space to work with, but there is so much you can do with a table to create a cozy vibe! Tablecloths and table runners are fun fall home decor ideas to dress up your dining room table. To coordinate with the fall season, simply adding pumpkins, nuts, and fresh herbs to a wooden tray or bowl can create the perfect centerpiece. For longer dining tables, arranging the decor along the length of the center of the table will beautifully complement a cozy tablescape. Adding cushions to the chairs or placing throw pillows and blankets nearby will also contribute to the overall cozy home design of your dining room.

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Small changes make a big difference

During the warmer months, thin, light, and breezy curtains are the way to go. However, as the fall season approaches, switching them out for heavy curtains, such as velvet drapes, is essential to provide more warmth and coziness. Painting an accent wall in your kitchen can transform your space from neutral to bold and warm. The entryway and fireplace are the main focal points because the entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home and the fireplace is a popular area of gathering, especially during the fall. Luckily, both can be decorated to create a cozy space easily. You can add rustic and warm decor to your entryway and fireplace that you already have lying around the house, including wooden trays and signs, plaid scarves, and candles.

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Fall blooms

Branches fit in perfectly with the decorations of the fall season. They can be placed in a tall vase and sit as decor next to your entryway or in the corner of your living room or dining room, used to hang clothes, or put up as a decoration in your bedroom. Simply swap out your bright florals for dried florals and leaves, which are popular for their aesthetic in the fall.

Want to see how our easy design tips can quickly transform your home into a cozy space you cannot wait to curl up under a blanket? Our free DecorMatters app allows you to take photos of the actual rooms in your home and design them directly in our app! See all the possibilities of your fall home decor ideas come to life with our augmented reality app.

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