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Home Design Tips: 10 Unique Headboard Ideas

by DecorMatters|Nov 12, 2019

A headboard is more than a piece of wood or fabric peeking out from behind your bed. It is a focal point of most bedrooms that affects the entire vibe and look of your space. As headboards have grown into more of a centerpiece for many bedrooms, mostly for aesthetic reasons, there are now endless styles to choose from and also DIY. Whether you want to uplift your space, make it cozier, or add some color, texture, or patterns to your bedroom, get inspired by our unique headboard ideas that truly anchor your bedroom.

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📷 Tomas Espinoza

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📷 boheme_aliso

Divider Headboard

Dividers are one of our favorite home design tips to help you create division between spaces in your home where there once was none, but they can also be helpful in dividing the space between your bed and the wall behind it. Dividers can be custom-made, a neat find at an antique market or thrift store, or purchased from your favorite home store. A unique screen is one of the easiest bed headboard designs to transform the look of your bedroom because you simply have to find the one you love and place it behind your bed! It adds height and an uncommon visually interesting headboard to your space.

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📷 Farah Merhi

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📷 Kristyn

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📷 Lavanya

Tufted Headboard

Tufted headboards are the most popular on the market and are highly used in fancy and glamorous styled bedrooms for their luxurious and plush look. However, they are versatile and can suit any style, from grand to modern, with the various colors, fabrics, and heights they can come in. The tufted look is achieved with an elegant headboard upholstered in simple or rich colors that will always make a statement and tie a room together.

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📷 Wayfair

Metal Headboard

Metal headboards can bring a different look and feel to any room. They create an artsy atmosphere that creative minds would appreciate and they work with either industrial looks or a more softer and neutral palette. Most of the time, cuts and patterns of metal headboards allow you to personalize your headboard by attaching photos to them with decorative clips or clothespins!

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📷 Kaycie

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📷 Carina

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📷 casarosa30a

Wood or Rattan Headboard

Wood and rattan headboards have grown common in bohemian and farmhouse style bedrooms for good reason! They add texture and a relaxing feeling to any bedroom. From unique DIY wooden headboards made of salvaged or old wood pieces to beautifully crafted rattan pieces from home furniture stores, you cannot go wrong with these favorite headboard options.

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📷 Paolo

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📷 Chloe Wills

Velvet or Suede Headboards

The comfort and dramatic touch velvet or suede add to a room are incomparable to any other headboard. It is unique in its texture and brings a refined and elevated pop of color while also adding drama and moodiness to your bedroom. Velvet and suede headboards present the opportunity to create an artistic chic focal point in your bedroom as these headboards can be displayed in all shapes and sizes, including tufted scallop or a fun wall of stacked circles.

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📷 Joanna Gaines

Repurposed Window Headboard

Repurposing old furniture is the best way to save money and create a unique headboard idea that nobody else would have. The next time you witness somebody throw out a large window or a couple of matching ones, do not hesitate to grab them to create an easy DIY project for your headboard at home! After some cleaning, the faded paint job may be your greatest blessing because it creates a rustic vintage look that some people would pay for!

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📷 Kassandra

Vintage Headboard

Vintage pieces immediately give you a unique advantage because they are rare finds and not items you can find at your local store in the home decor section everyone shops at. We love this creative one of a kind DIY headboard made with a selection of old books that adds an antique charm to this simple bedroom. Not only is this headboard visually appealing, it shows off the personality of someone who appreciates literature. The headboard becomes a piece of art that is strategically placed to replace your traditional upholstered headboard. You can create this unique headboard idea with other vintage items, such as woven baskets, that you find at different places like thrift stores and garage sales!

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📷 Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Use furniture as a headboard

A unique headboard idea for master bedrooms is to double your furniture as your headboard. This is a great option to make the most of what you already have, but it works best if you have the space to float furniture, such as a dresser or desk, in the room with enough space to open the drawers or sit at the desk on one side and use the back of the furniture piece as your headboard on the other. A bonus is that if you add plants and decorative accessories to the top of your dresser or desk, it styles both your headboard and dresser or desk, depending on which side you look at it from!

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📷 Tim Labenda

Large Art Print Headboard

If you have fallen in love with a piece of art, simple or bold, that you think would make a great headboard, we are all for it! A large art piece that you bought or created yourself is a quick and easy headboard idea to install because you can have it resting on the floor behind your bed or hang it up off the floor with the quick hammering of few nails. This unique headboard idea shows off your personality and style and helps fill a large blank wall in your bedroom.

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📷 Jenna Boron

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📷 studiolifestyle_

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📷 Weylie

Fabric Headboard

Another fun headboard that you can easily DIY is a fabric headboard. With a staple gun to attach your preferred fabric over a piece of plywood and foam padding, you can save money and customize your headboard to any width, height, shape, and fabric of your choice. Curtains may seem limited to covering windows, but they are also useful for creating a DIY headboard idea that you would be in awe over on Pinterest. It is a clever way to spruce up your bedroom on a budget because all that is required is a curtain rod and some curtains. This unique headboard idea can transform the feel of your bedroom into a luxurious getaway or have you reminiscing about drapery from your favorite boutique hotel.

Choosing the right headboard can make or break your bedroom design. It is not only a focal point of your bedroom, but it can also be a functional piece for you to comfortably lounge in bed and relax in a space you spend a lot of time in. We get that it is a big decision, but we are here to make it a lot easier! Test out all the headboard options you are thinking of in your own bedroom with our free DecorMatters app and enjoy your new space!

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