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Find Your Interior Design Style for 2019

by DecorMatters|Jun 10, 2019

You may have taken countless online quizzes to find your interior design style for 2019 only to be presented with results that still leave you confused as to what your interior design style is. From industrial and bohemian to a seemingly never-ending list of design styles, it can be challenging to conclude on a single one for your space. We’ve curated and summarized a list of a variety of popular interior design styles for 2019 to help you figure out what your design style is. In the end, you may be drawn to details from different styles and prefer to combine elements of a few of them to create your ideal space.

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Similar to the rustic settings of a warehouse, factory, or urban loft, the Industrial interior design style celebrates the unfinished rawness and working parts of a building by incorporating that into the aesthetic of the design itself. Pieces commonly involved in creating the industrial look include exposed beams, ducts, columns, and pipes, which emphasize the rough but functional elements of this style that is predominantly labeled as a more ‘masculine’ approach to design. The color palette of this interior design style typically remains neutral, like grays and browns, because it blends well with the main features and iconic industrial looks of reclaimed wood elements, exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and leather, copper, and metal materials. If you aren’t shying away from the rawness and roughness and embrace the worn, recycled, and salvaged, you may find your interior design style for 2019 is perfectly captured by the industrial design style.

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(Photo by @scandinavianhomes)


The Scandinavian interior design style is simply serene. This popular interior design style is known for its simplicity, inspired by the lifestyle in Nordic countries, through its spacious interiors, natural lighting, minimal accessories, and functional furniture. Scandinavian interiors are minimal to a degree and maintain a careful balance between minimalism and being warm and personal. The furniture used in Scandinavian interior design often have a sculptural influence and feel like works of art while still remaining simple and fully functional. Although typically understated in a black, white, and gray color palette mixed with natural elements of wood, wide plank flooring, etc., Scandinavian styles incorporate hints of color in subtle ways through art, small throws or rugs, or single pieces of furniture.

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Introduced at the rise of the 20th century, the Modernist style changed the way we viewed and deepened our appreciation of space and aesthetics. Modern architecture and design embrace the use of material, technology, and composition to create a sleek space. Simplicity is carefully composed throughout in all elements, including furniture, to emphasize the visual and functional effortlessness of this interior design style. Furthermore, the color palette of the modern interior design style remains simple along with the rest of the space. With a clean and straightforward approach, a Modern style is achieved with well-expressed crisp lines and geometry, a simple color scheme, and using materials such as metal, glass, and steel. This is the design style for your home if you want your space to celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colors, and elimination of unnecessary detailing.

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(Design by Evan Mandala)


The zen style brings the core principles and beliefs of traditional Japanese philosophy to life in a space that is all about balance, harmony, and consideration. Unlike other design styles that are hoping to make an impact with their distinct designs, fun furniture, or bold pieces, this interior design style is determined to bring peace and tranquility throughout the home anywhere and anytime. Typically making use of materials such as wood and natural fibers, every element, surface, and line of the zen interior design style is carefully thought out. The color palette often involves soft and natural tones intertwined with many elements of nature. The interiors of zen designs are very clean and minimal but uniquely designed and placed to make the most of the space. If you’re gravitating toward creating a space to truly bring you ease and comfort, you may find your interior design style is all about zen.

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The minimalist interior design style is often mistaken as cold and uncomfortable because of its goal to strip things down to the bare basics, but contrary to popular belief, this effortlessly stunning interior design style has grown more popular throughout the years. Minimalism focuses on creating a beautiful space that is fuss-free, clean, and refined. It takes time and skill to achieve this style of living as everything is kept to a bare minimum and should serve more than one purpose. Concealed storage is essential in spaces like these where every detail matters and every piece of the design is reviewed for maximum use. If colors are incorporated, they are generally introduced in hushed tones, with an eye-catching accent or two. The minimalist style embraces more negative and open space with less clutter and adopts concepts of modern designs, but simplifies them further to create the minimalist vision.

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The traditional interior design style is one of the more popular design styles, yet one of the most commonly neglected ones. The traditional design appreciates antiques, classic art, symmetry, and rich designs with history. It’s a timeless go-to style because it’s a broad term to describe a style that incorporates multiple design styles and eras that aren’t committed to going in one particular direction. Generally originating from European homes and the comforts of classic European decor, some prominent qualities of the traditional design include dark wood, rich color, and ornate details. One of the most distinctive features of this interior design style is the symmetry in all elements of design, including sofas and lamps. Honoring the long, rich history of the past and mixing it with modern elements, this design style is a great route for all ages and personalities.

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Art Deco

This style of interior design features a throwback to the epitome of chic in the 1920s. It’s perfect for someone with an out-of-the-box aesthetic that is ready to make a statement and push the boundaries of design, creating a space where a bold tiger or zebra print rug would fit right in. The art deco style embraces uniqueness and heavily features natural and geometric themes, typically including geometric shapes, chevron and zig-zag patterns, and stylized animal elements. Bold and bombastic is expressed through large furniture made of exotic woods, shiny chrome and mirrored elements, and angular patterns. The colors to achieve this interior design style are memorable and striking with a lot of contrasts, from bright yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks to silver, black, and chrome. If you’re daring enough to create a lively space that brings luxury, glamour, and ornate and jewel-like vibes to the table, this is the interior design style for you.

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Also known as the quintessential style of the Hamptons, the coastal interior design style is meant to create a relaxing and comforting environment in a home inspired by the beach and ocean. The common color palettes of a coastal design often includes shades of blues and greens along with various shades of cream and neutrals to convey the light, airy, and chic look and feel of living on the coast. With the intention to create a space inspired by the calmness of the ocean and the carefree days of summer, various shades of blue, such as aqua, teal, and turquoise, thrive in these fresh spaces that happily welcome the sunlight in. Blue and white striped patterns, large windows, white sofas, and painted white wood are familiar fixtures of this interior design style. Some go literal with the theme and incorporate seashells, ropes, anchors, and more for maximum aesthetic effect.

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The term ‘boho-chic’ has dominated the interior design style trends of 2019 and gained immense popularity throughout the years. The ‘boho-chic’ style emerged from the bohemian interior design style, which people love as it represents a carefree lifestyle that encourages you to create a space that your heart desires. Anything goes with this design style, as long as it makes you feel good. There are no restraints, no norms, no rules, and individuality is showcased in the interiors of a bohemian-inspired home. This explains why you’ll find that the decor in bohemian-styled homes is a fun mix of anything and everything, creating spaces that are busy in shapes, forms, fabrics, materials, accessories, and more. Inspired by the 1970s and hippie culture, this interior design style embraces an eclectic, layered, and textured look that includes a diverse collection of bright colors and plants that bring warmth to a space. If you’re all about the free-spirited lifestyle, mixing old with new, lively prints, patterns, and colors, and the boldness of remaining true to yourself, you have found your interior design style for 2019.

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(Photo by @whitetailfarmhouse)

Farmhouse / Modern Farmhouse

The farmhouse interior design style has always been trendy, but it has been all the rage in recent years with big credit to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ hit reality series, “Fixer Upper,” on HGTV. The show follows their home design and renovations in Texas where they consistently make farmhouse designs intriguing and look good. Inspired by the farm and barn architecture, the goal of this interior design style is to create a functional, but warm and inviting space where anyone can feel at home. Natural wood accents, whether its wood panels or exposed beams, and simple wooden furniture are tradition and a necessity to achieve the farmhouse appeal. An imperfect paint job, well-used items, and chipping paint are the perfect textures and look of practicality, comfort, and relaxation that this interior design style hopes to represent. Exemplary fixtures and accents include hanging barn doors, metal storage buckets, wooden mantels, and iron-inspired light fixtures.

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(Photo by @purposedrivenliving_mgdesigns)

If you love the elements of the farmhouse interior design style, but want a modern take on it, you can switch up some basic elements of traditional farmhouse designs and upgrade it to a more sleek, modern look. Deciding on a color palette is one of the crucial first steps in designing. A neutral color palette is an important part of any modern design and in this case, it will offer a fresh, clean, and trendy look to a farmhouse-inspired home. Hardwood floors, open kitchen sinks, shiplap walls, and benches for kitchen and dining table seating are popular ways to achieve the rustic, comfortable, and shabby chic look of the modern farmhouse design. The modern farmhouse style is a fresh take on the country living-inspired spaces and is loved for the warmth and simplicity it adds.

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the popular interior design styles of 2019 and have a better idea of describing your design style, the free DecorMatters app uses augmented reality to change your furniture and decor shopping experience. Simply mix and match millions of home furnishings from your favorite furniture stores to decorate and design your dream home all from your phone.

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