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DIY Bathroom Design Reveal of Our Dreams

by Tammy & Sarah|Sep 07, 2021
Blog Post Image

It may be the middle of July, and we didn’t finish the bathroom remodel in time for the Spring One Room Challenge, but it’s FINALLY finished!

We are in shock that it’s all done. When we took that step back for the first time, it just didn’t seem possible that we finished it! LOL. We’ve worked on it so much this past couple of months… it doesn’t seem real. Now what to do with all of our time?!

The Before

Hello, 2000’s builder-grade bathroom! Gotta love the yellow oak vanity and linoleum flooring, right?

Blog Post Image

If you read our first ORC post, I mentioned that this was the only room left in our home that we did not touch. Blue walls, orange oak trim, and all. YUCK.

Blog Post Image

Bathroom Reveal

Hard work DOES pay off. So many hours tiling but it was all worth it! Stepping back and looking at this, it’s exactly what I envisioned.

Blog Post Image

The Shower

The black grid panel shower door... 😍 What dreams are made of, right? We bought this door back in March of 2019 because I found it with an amazing deal and I knew it was going to be the statement piece of this bathroom remodel.

Blog Post Image

To remove the bathtub, or not? A topic that is always controversial! For us, we didn’t use our bathtub. We have a ranch-style home with two full baths. Our guest bathroom has a bathtub right in our main hall, so if we ever did need the bathtub, we still have one!

A walk-in shower is perfect for us! After installing the glass door, we did look at each other and think “oh no, the water that will be spraying out of this shower…” Well! After a couple of uses so far, aside from a few drops, water does not get all over outside the shower. I call that a win! But, seeing that our entire bathroom is basically all tile and waterproof, we’re not really worried about it.

Blog Post Image

Also, let’s not forget about this rain shower head & shower system. This was an Amazon find, and with any Amazon purchase, there is always that worry about quality. I can vouch that this shower system is definitely worth the price! The quality and finishes are just like any higher-end piece you’d find at your local hardware store. The best part – it’s half the cost!

The Tile

I sound like a broken record at this point. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it a million times during this bathroom remodel, but Imma say it again… So. Much. Tile.

We totally underestimated the amount of time it was going to take us to tile it all. But it looks so so good. Totally worth the three weeks it took. The real question is, would I do it again? Mmmmm… probably not 😂.

Blog Post Image

If you’ve been following along with our ORC, you know that we created this retro flower tile pattern for the floor. We talked about all the details in our week 7 post. Bottom line – LOVE it. Good call Brad (it was his idea)!

The Vanity

This one… I’m proud of! If I didn’t tell you, I bet you wouldn’t know. This is the original vanity. 🤭 Yep, that’s right. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that it’s a true fact!

Blog Post Image

During the brainstorming process of this bathroom, I couldn’t find ANY vanity that I liked for a bathroom that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I thought, well, we’re going to have to build another vanity as we did with the guest bathroom.

But then, I stumbled upon Mollie’s bathroom from Design Loves Detail and I knew that vanity is just what our bathroom needed! Then, I thought to myself… it’s just the face of the vanity that has all the detail. Wait a minute… Could I reuse our current vanity cabinet? SURE CAN!

Blog Post Image

Lots of thinking and head-scratching came along with this vanity facelift, but it worked! And I can’t believe it did! I will be writing a separate blog post for the DIY and the how-to!

All The Little Details

Blog Post Image

Shower Niches

So happy we added these shower niches! I made the labels for the plastic amber bottles. So much better than a random assortment of shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Blog Post Image

Sink Faucet

This faucet is gorgeous! The style and finish match our faucet in our guest bathroom as well.

Blog Post Image

P.S. It was only $59.99. Thank you, Amazon!

Artwork Print

How cute is this cow in bathtub print?! I love all of Amy Peterson’s prints!

Blog Post Image

Bathroom Source List


  • Black Pane Shower Door
  • Shower System
  • Plastic Amber Bottles (no labels)
  • Gold Squeegee
  • Faux Hanging Green Plant


  • Light (These are the LED light bulbs we have. IMO, the best daylight brightness there is. Not too cold in color and bright!)
  • Mirror
  • Faucet
  • Hand Soap
  • Vanity Top
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Cabinet Knobs

Bathroom Hardware & Accessories:

  • Towel Ring
  • Turkish Hand Towel
  • Towel Hooks
  • Turkish Bath Towels
  • Cow in Bathtub Artwork
  • Frame for Artwork
  • Wood Bath Mat (Click here for the DIY Tutorial)
  • Black Medicine Cabinet
  • Cotton Ball Jars
  • Toilet Paper Holder

Tile & Building Materials:

  • Schulter Shower Kit
  • Ditra Underlayment
  • Schulter All Set Mortar
  • Pre-fabricated Shower Niches
  • White Hexagon Tile (click here for the actual patterned tile)
  • Black Hexagon Tile
  • 3×6 Subway Tile
  • Grout: Frost by Mapei
  • Black Paint: Sherwin Williams Black Magic
  • White Paint: Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Gold Spray Paint

Obviously, a lot of other building supplies went into building this bathroom. If there is something specific you’re looking for, please comment with any questions!

Shop Our Bathroom

Blog Post Image

Can you believe this space is done?! What do you think? I still can’t. So happy we can finally check this project off the to-do list. It’s been there for a while 🙂.

Now that we have so much free time, what project’s next?! 🤪

This article was written by Tammy & Sarah from Sammy on State.

Meet The Authors

Tammy and Sarah are coffee-loving, UI/UX designers who work together in downtown Chicago. They may have a passion for digital design, but both have a lil’ side thing for home design.

Follow them as they share their adventures through each of their first home renovations, DIY projects, home decor, love of food, and occasional design freebies!

Check out their Blog, Instagram & Pinterest!

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