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Christmas Touches to Make Any Room Feel Festive

by DecorMatters|updated Oct 15, 2022

As we officially arrive in December, it's time to embrace all things festive. 80% of households in the US decorate their homes for Christmas, and it's easy to get a little competitive when it comes to holiday interior design. That said, it's also difficult to find items that are both tasteful and fun - classics like wreaths, stockings, and pine trees are sure to make an appearance, but why not opt for some contemporary twists this year to make your home pop on December 25th?

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📷 Emily Starr Alfano

With more people spending the holiday season in their homes due to COVID-19, Christmas 2020 is a time to experiment and spread a little joy in every room. Here are our favorite festive design tips:

Christmas Coloring

Winter whites are a staple part of any home during Christmas - combine a medley of whites, creams, and ivories to bring the snowy outdoors inside. You could focus on a white table centerprise with clashing furniture pieces or minimalistic artwork, and then add some personality by tying foliage to the backs of the chairs and sprinkling dried orange leaves across the table for an aesthetic that looks and smells festive. A burlap runner along the table with tall candlesticks atop is also very chic Gothic and can create a darker, more rustic Christmas vibe.

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📷 Amy Peters, Erin

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📷 Shannon Sorrells

Elsewhere, gold is timeless as it represents gift-giving, and when used sparingly, adds a dash of luxury to any setting. Opt for gilded accents in a room like gold baubles, gold plates, and gold trimmings. If you prefer a less traditional approach, warm pinks, creams, and oranges work together to make a refreshing palette. Alternatively, black and white checks pair seamlessly with wooden earthy tones. Topped off with silver accents, these colors are extra sleek and not too obviously a Christmas theme.

Merry Moments

Festive interior design is all about the details. Emphasize any bookcases or shelves with hanging ribbon wreaths and tea lights, and then place twigs, pines, and berries throughout empty nooks. Try to think asymmetrically when decorating, as this will prevent your home from looking too polished. Things like off-kilter stockings, sporadic presents, and statement plants will give a room more depth without being overwhelming.

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Blog Post Image

📷 Stephanie Kane, Andrea Wiele

A bold light fixture is also a must as it gives a room purpose and feels very cozy on long winter nights. In particular, a chandelier adorned with pine branches brings any room to life and is a striking addition in communal areas (and therefore a great conversation piece). If you want to soften the impact of a light fixture, include plants like Poinsettia, Holly, Christmas Rose, and Amaryllis around the space to contrast the manufactured with the natural.

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📷 Liz Roth

In the corridor or entryway, a little fake snow on the stairs gives a nod to the North Pole but be conscious not to go overboard - only add a light dusting for a subtle effect. You could also place a tartan rug on the floor to draw any Christmas elements together, and then strategically place vintage items like a sled, old boots, or a trunk to give the illusion of Santa's arrival.

Tree Touches

Your tree is most likely the green jewel of your home in December and can set the tone for the rest of your space. This year, think outside the box and welcome different ways of dolling up your tree, such as geometric gold ornaments that have a minimalist feel. Alternatively, you could place your Christmas tree on the front porch to spread a little cheer outside in the neighborhood.

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Blog Post Image

📷 The White Honey Home, Reem's Design

While outside, drape lights around trellises, birdbaths, and other landscaping features to illuminate the yard, and curate a welcoming glow to your house.

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📷 Christopher Funk

Back inside, a photo tag Christmas tree is ideal if you have kids who would enjoy a DIY project and the chance to personalize the tree. Simply print photos, glue them to cardboard, punch a hole through the decoration and add string to tie around branches, and voila - your own memory-adorned Christmas tree. Another option for kids is to buy a white tree to dress with clashing colors - it may sound off-putting, but the mixture can construct a very cool Andy Warhol-esque vibe that goes against conventional Christmas decor.

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📷 Hayley

Decorating at Christmas time doesn't have to be expensive; there are plenty of tricks to elevate your Christmas style with affordable and even recycled materials. Remember that the spirit of Christmas takes many forms and designs, and what matters most is finding the one that makes you feel cozy, jolly, and fashionable.

From everyone at DecorMatters, have a very safe and stylish Christmas!

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