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10 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

by DecorMatters|Feb 18, 2020

We’re back with one of our most popular blog posts of 2019! Instagram continues to be one of the most convenient platforms for interior designers to share their work and build portfolios for future clients. Additionally, Instagram is a never-ending scroll of inspiring and dreamy living spaces waiting to be saved for current and future interior design projects. For those of you in need of some inspiration for your home, we have searched far and wide to find 10 of the most popular, influential, captivating interior design Instagram accounts that you will love to follow in 2020.

Jacquelyn Clark

Toronto-based interior designer and owner of Lark & Linen, Jacquelyn Clarks’ Instagram is your go-to place for a calm and relaxing interior design style. She began blogging in 2012, and was soon after asked by Style Me Pretty to help launch their new site – Style Me Pretty Living. From there, her career kicked off rapidly! Jacquelyn creates beautiful and serene spaces and strives to provide others with fresh and inspiring content every week. As you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll notice that Jacquelyn’s style tends to gravitate towards simplistic, earth-toned colors paired with well-crafted furniture and wooden pieces.

Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis is back for the second year in a row! She will fill your feed with awe-inspiring interior design skills and a lovely personality. Known for her California Eclectic style, she describes it as a mix of beach-y and worldly while being comfortable and approachable. Not only are her Instagram photos entertaining, but her blog and Instagram captions are just as enjoyable. Our favorite part of her humor is expressed through the names she gives her projects, such as “Client Tupac Meets Biggie to Decorate the Diggies,” “Client For Reals the Nicest People on the Planet,” “Client of the Mid Century,” and “Client Holla at La Jolla”. Amber is also the owner of Amber Interiors, her full-service residential design studio, she runs Shoppe Amber Interiors, a brick-and-mortar retail shop where you can shop her interior design style in-store or online, and she is the founder of the blog, All Sorts Of.

Celeste Escarcega

Celeste Escarcega was an interior design hit during 2019 and continues to trend on Instagram in 2020 for her incredible, cozy living spaces. Celeste is an interior designer, stylist, and photographer based in Chicago, IL. Her aesthetic feed provides you with this natural, earthy experience, and she is brilliant at throwing together soft white and pink colors, plants, and accent pieces of all sorts whether it be vintage, cheetah print or neon signs! As of late, Celeste says she is striving for a ‘Maroccan-bohemian-tropical’ vibe, incorporating more colors into her northwest Chicago apartment. She is constantly updating her space with new pillows, blankets, plants, and pieces that represent her unique style and personality, keeping her audience forever entertained.

Jenni Radosevich

I SPY DIY, also known as Jenni Radosevich, is a do-it-yourself superstar! She is constantly taking on new projects, discovering new fashion and home trends, and showing you how to recreate them for less! Jenni’s posts will entertain you with rich content that extends outside of Instagram onto her official website, where you can find blogs, before & afters, shop the looks, videos, Airbnb's and more! Jenni attended the University of Wisconsin—Madison where she studied magazine design and journalism. She then moved to New York and started working in the fashion industry at InStyle magazine, where her DIY column soared through the ranks and she founded the I SPY DIY website in 2010 as a creative outlet. Soon after, Jenni would create a blog, write a book about budget fashion called I Spy DIY Style in 2012, expand into home renovations, join on-air segments about DIY (Good Morning America and Rachael Ray), and even moved into the I SPY DIY studio, where she hosts home decor DIYs, events, classes and more. Whether it be discovering your next interior design project to try at home, or following along her exciting life (she just had a baby in 2020), Jenni’s Instagram feed keeps her DIY community captivated and thrilled!

Hilton Carter

Calling all plant lovers! Think you’re plant-obsessed? We invite you to look into the designer and author Hilton Carter’s Baltimore apartment, also known as the indoor jungle of 180 plants. This filmmaker, producer, and stylist takes indoor greenery to a whole different level! As you scroll through his Instagram, you will find photos of his loft apartment that is filled with 180 plants, and another 120 in his work studio. Altogether, Hilton Carter’s unique artistry, patience, and ability to keep a family of over 300 plants flourishing is unbelievable! Hilton has been collecting plants since 2011, and spends hours every weekend watering and caring for his greenery. Hilton’s Instagram radiates his love for plants and will leave you refreshed and inspired.

Viktoria Dahlberg

Viktoria Dahlberg is living the dream, literally. She lives right on Bedford in Brooklyn, directly above an ice cream store, has a sunshine-filled NY apartment, and is the Founder, Designer and Creative Director of her lifestyle brand, N5 & SUNNY! Viktoria keeps her home bright and airy, with light fabrics, fresh plants, neutral bohemian items, and a stunning open kitchen. Viktoria moved to North Fifth Street in Brooklyn in 2015, where her creative space became her inspiration behind her brand name, N5 & SUNNY. This eco-friendly lifestyle brand strives to bring happiness, connection and good vibes to all people. With a bit of humor and a splash of personal style, Viktoria is truly inspiring others with her cozy home. In addition to her company, Viktoria has used her photography skills as the Senior Photo Editor at Gloss Studio and has partnered with numerous fashion and interior clients, including Vogue, Elle, Chanel, Nike, etc. To no surprise, her home is constantly being shared on Instagram, and you won’t want to miss out on this account.

Marzena Marideko

The one word to describe how Marzena Marideko’s Instagram account makes you feel is cozy. Proclaimed to be the creator or Poland’s coziest home, Marzena has turned her living space into a magical environment draped in Scandinavian whites, fresh greens, ambient lights, and bohemian styles. With over 400,000 Instagram followers, Marzena shares images and writes about how others can create a cozy home similar to hers. She emphasizes a peaceful, safe atmosphere for spending time with people. While at school, Marzena studied art history, later purchased her home in Warsaw, Polan, and started showcasing her talent online. Her home became an Instagram sensation, amassing a loyal and large following, and she launched her own business selling stylish homeware similar to that from her page. This account is a must-follow as she helps her community to create their corner of coziness.

Kate Arends

We love a good account that not only shares how to design stunning interior living spaces but also stresses designing a healthy life. Kate Arends is a designer, tastemaker, blogger, mom, Creative Director, and Founder of Wit & Delight! Her feed is diverse and will keep you scrolling as she shares inspiration from her St. Paul-based studio on all topics, including kids' rooms, warm and natural kitchens, self-care, and mental health. Kate started Wit & Delight when she was $10k in debt and worried about paying her bills with her next paycheck or lack thereof if she were to lose her job. In 2014, Kate started sharing her journey with divorce, mental illness, and undiagnosed learning ability through personal essays she published on her blog. What started as a safety net became an exciting new career and resource for 3.3 million followers. Based in Minnesota, Wit & Delight is a stunning interior design Instagram account to follow in 2020, and the influence will extend past your phone screen into your personal life from relatable life experiences, suggestions for travel and food, tips for motherhood, and more!

Anh Luu

Anh Luu, the lifestyle blogger behind Girl and the Word, is constantly updating her Los Angeles apartment and sees decorating as a form of self-care! She is most well-known on Instagram for her charming outdoor balcony setup, featuring ceiling lights, a mini garden, and an unbelievable view of downtown LA! The style of her apartment is Bohemian Chic with a unique mix of airy neutrals, and rich warm colors, paired with vibrant pastels and stunning wallpapers. Anh describes the design of her home as comfortable, inspiring, and restorative. Girl and the Word was founded by Anh in 2014 as a creative platform for writing about faith and design, the two things Anh centers in her life. She harmoniously combines the two in a way that feels authentic and genuine and has fostered a loyal and passionate follower base on her Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blog. You won’t ever be bored as she regularly updates her audience with home makeovers, fashion advice, DIY projects, and much more.

Kelly Mindell

Who doesn’t love a splash of color in their Instagram feeds? Kelly Mindell is a mother, Founder of Studio DIY and Can’t Clutch This, and owner of one of the most beautiful, colorful, and bright homes on Instagram. Kelly has been a DIY-er since she was a child. She was born and raised in New Jersey but moved to Los Angeles in 2011 where she would create Studio DIY, a lifestyle company representing everything Kelly loves and lives for: making life a party. Studio DIY shares DIY projects, recipes, home ideas and tricks, and more! Since 2011, Kelly launched her own clutch bag brand and Studio DIY has come a long way, and she even designed costumes for Miley Cyrus and The Today Show. Kelly not only shares blogs on home and DIY, but also writes about her cancer story, wedding, and growing family. Kelly Mindell is a positive influence for all 400,000+ of her Instagram followers, as she posts inspirations from her gorgeous home, and opens up about personal and medical struggles and triumphs.

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