DecorMatters is a tech startup team based in Silicon Valley with a vision to help users with their home design process. Our journey originally began in 2015-2016, when nearly everyone on our team went through a strenuous experience of home design and furniture shopping. Whether it was the hesitation of purchasing new furniture because we were not sure of how it would look like in our room, the hassle of space and budget planning, or the long and arduous process of working with interior designers to finalize our dream designs, we were all frustrated at one point during our home renovation procedures. Because our experiences were so troublesome and difficult, we were all compelled to make a change to ensure that others would not have to go through the same discouraging process - we believe that home design should be enjoyable, not stressful and disheartening. Thus, we came together as a team and set off to start this journey to make home design easy and fun. Since then, we have spent tens of thousands of hours working hard to design, implement, and refine this free app with genuine care and concern for our users. This is the beginning of our journey. It is highly appreciated if you could give us some feedback or suggestions for improvements.

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