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Your Journey

1. Explore and get inspired!

Your shopping journey starts with getting inspired by millions of design creations everyday. You can interact with worldwide users, filter the feed by room category and design style, and view the items used in any design through the shop page in the app.

2. Create your dream home design

The second step in your journey is the most exciting part - creating your own designs and viewing them in your home with the AR feature! By uploading or taking a photo of the desired room in your home, you are able to design it with the decor already in the app or you can upload your own decor images.

3. Get professional advice for free

Not sure about how your design looks? No worries! We are here to help! Our in app messaging and commenting provides professional feedback and experienced suggestions from real DM interior designers. If you need some inspiration for designing your room, our designers are here to assist you!

4. Shop the look

Once your design is ready, there are only two simple steps that you need to take in order to shop the look! Below any design, the products featured in the design will be listed and you will see all of the information about any item you click on. When viewing your preferred item, you can click the shop button and the app will direct you to the online store or a map of the stores that sell this item near you. Enjoy the whole process of DIY designs to final checkout, easily and fun!

Shop in a smarter way!

DecorMatters is the first app that provides the one stop service from DIY designs to the store checkout. Try the fun and convenience now with creativity!

Get 1000+ FREE Design Ideas!

Millions of interior design and home decor projects are created by real designers published everyday. Get endless inspirations for free and join our active community now!