August 2017

Top 3 Summer Room Decor

We know seasonal decorations can sometimes be frustrating, and time seems to push you to make impulsive decisions every time. Are you looking for a simple bedroom inspiration or dream summer furniture and decorations ? Check out our experienced interior designers’ summer home ideas! Each design has its own unique theme and vibe that will surely turn heads ~ Stay tuned for our upcoming four season room designs.

1) Breathing in the oceans. It’s summer time! Why not take the ocean back home after a beach day? Inspired by the blue whale, using organic lines and a bright blue accent, this room represents the animals posture, body form, and natural color. Imagine you are actually swimming the ocean waves with your beloved family and friends. Location: San Francisco, Summer.

All furnitures in this project are from the Bay Area local stores, and the brand called West Elm. The designer used them to design an outdoor space with an industrial style. She chose lots of interior decorations, such as dishes on the wall, or candles on the table. Many plants places on both side of the sofa to make this space more alive. Location: San Francisco, Summer.

2) Blending with the tropics. California local furniture store, called Scandinavian designs to design this modern or minimalist dining space. The designer used all of wood furniture to fit into this space to show the concept of nature. You would enjoy a fantastic view and amazing feelings with friends and family while having food here. Location: Seattle, Summer.

A large working space has amazing view and plenty of nature lights. Thus, the designer put the desk near to the window, and you can see the view directly. The whole design is based on the nature and piece of quiet, so the designer blended gray, black and wood color products into this space. Location: San Francisco, Summer.

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, this design draws from imagination and curiosity. A explorative approach to a different world, the mermaid’s awe when walking into a new environment is what brings this beautiful piece to life. Do you sense the feeling of curiosity and child-like wonder? The feeling of awe when exposed to the great outdoors brings not only joy as well but also serenity. Location: Santa Cruz, Summer.

3) Future Elements. Here we have a fun, relaxing entertainment room for winding down from the week's stress and spending time with loved ones. The unique furniture gives off a playful vibe to the entire room making it an even more enjoyable environment. The designer used DWR brand furniture to design a modern entertainment room. The designer also used the color red and black to be a contrast and showed the contemporary downtown feeling. Location: Los Angeles, Summer.

The last piece we have is a beautiful living space in a high-rise condominium with a stunning view. The unique decor, simplistic furniture, and amazing drapes make for an ideal space that is sure to attract guests! Inspired by the movement which represents the impression of motion in an artwork, and the furniture choices is the physical motion between points in space. Location: Malibu, Summer

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