August 2017

How to Make a Fashionable Luxurious Living Room

Here our designers provide tips to help you make an enticing and fashionable living room. Why focus so much on the living room? In many households, the living room is the room with the most space, meaning it is just a big blank canvas for you to decorate. You can host parties, relax in your leisure time, and spend time with your loved ones. These are a few steps from our Decormatters interior designers that can drastically improve the way you design your living spaces.

1. Making Contrast to Your Luxurious Living Space

Our designers offer you several modern and remarkable luxurious living room designs. The key to making a luxurious living room design really shine is the contrasting element. Sure you can have flashy furniture and beautiful decor, but if the colors don’t have a color differentiation, the room won’t pop. The color scheme should show a contrast of colors, but at the same time, the colors must complement each other to make the overall design more appealing. By highlighting the furniture with the surrounding decor, one can drastically improve the look and feel a living space.

The black walls and ceiling along with the dark brown floor gives this space a dark and shady look. However, when the designer adds the pink and gold furniture into the space, it changes the entire look of the room. By putting brighter decorations in the dark spots of the room, the entire room will seem grander and more appealing.

Victorian style furniture combines traditional living room to present a unique look. In addition, the mirrors absorbs lots of lights in this space, and it becomes a significant contrast to the floor. The flower picked by the designer was to turn it into a focal point, and make the living room trendy.

2. Enticing Living Room with Colorful Design

Colors could bring huge inspirations to life. Different colors bring out different emotions and moods. Thus, every year designers pick out some colors to create the trend. These colors are essential to designing a luxurious living room. Our designers use multiple colors to create modern and fashionable spaces with stunning living room decorations. A compatible color in the trendy living room design would make it look luxurious and remarkable.

The designer used 2017 trendy colors to design this luxurious and grandeur living room with navy, green-blue, brown, and brass colors. The compatible shiny decorations enlightened the living room. You would love them after using these trendy colors to your house.

Pink color meets gray tone, a very fancy and sweet idea of this living space. The designer used these two mild and delicate colors to create an artistic and peaceful feeling. You might feel soft, cozy and comfortable, and want to spend more time lying on the couch. The ornaments in there are very harmonious and natural.

3. Modern Living Space with Industrial Design

For our last and final tip we can give when designing a living space is that you may apply a modern industrial concept design to make a luxurious living room which is very suitable for you. Here, designers provide some industrial features and decorations as the main design concepts of the living rooms. Choosing line shapes and angular furnitures to make your space perfect. Bringing plentiful nature lights to your living room could make the whole room even more comfortable. Industrial materials, ornaments, and furniture in the modern living room all together emerge a serenity impression.

Simple lines and furniture edges without extra details are the features of the industrial design. The design uses basic elements to design a stylish urban living room. The pendant light is a large decoration here, while at the same time is’t too eye-catching.

Leather and metal are essential materials for industry style as well. The furnitures and decoration arrangement in groups are fashionable. Sufficient sunshine coming from the outside makes this luxurious living room enticing and warm.

Which luxurious living space idea you like the most and which style would you want to try in your house? Hopefully these ideas can spark up some inspiration for you to go out and design your own space! The perfect tool to design your own concept living space is with the DecorMatters app. Give it a try, it’s available on the Apple AppStore!

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