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You focus on design
We handle the rest

As freelance interior designers, it's tedious and intimidating to run business tasks, i.e. marketing, customer acquisition, customer service, payment and tax. DecorMatters team handles all of them for you, so that you can focus on creativity to deliver perfect work.

Chat with your clients directly

DecorMatters deeply values the importance of effective communication. We provides free direct chat channel to help interior designers fully understand clients' house, space planning, favorite styles, budget and any other consideration.

Visulize any product into any background

DecorMatters app offers free powerful AR feature to upgrade your design efficiency, by adding, deleting, rotating and resizing home furnishing products, provided by in-app search engine with unlimited product database, to help you discover unbounded creativity fast and easily.

Partnership Program

Some interior designers resale products to clients to make profit. This practice hurts clients. DecorMatters build a win-win-win Partnership to
(1) help designers make more profit;
(2) help brands promote visibility;
(3) make clients more happy.