Who We Are?

Why DecorMatters?

DecorMatters is the best platform for decor lovers, interior designers, and furniture buyers to show their talent and explore the inspiration. Users can design by templates or camera photos as background, implementing with AR technology.

DecorMatters is passionate about bringing the best design experience to our users, what we provide are:

Design - Create your own design by clicking “+” button, using template of all room types, or taking a photo of your room as design background. Save the design to your Ideabook and publish in Feed.
Inspiration - Endless design projects by DecorMatters professional interior designers. Top 10 interior design and home decor bloggers’ lattest articles.
Feed - Millions of design projects published by DecorMatters users from all over the world, and by you!
Furniture - Find furniture items you like by room type, brand name, and design style. Click item to view product details, and shop item on the vendor’s website, or show map to find the stores near you.
Filter - Filter the design project you want by selecting room type, style, budget, and room size. Search for furnitures by filtering price, color, width, height, and depth.
Ideabook - Save your designs for later editing and publishing, save your favorite furniture items in wishlist, and save others’ design for your inspiration.
Profile - Build your own design profile by editing profile photo, user name, email, and about me information. Let other designers follow your creations.
Chat - Receive update of new release, contest information, and welcome tutoiral. Ask any design problems and answered by professional interior designers.
Is this App Free?

Yes, the app is totally free, users can design as many projects as they want without any cost. There’s no in app purchase to make, millions of AR furniture and decor items are free to use when designing.

The price and the budget are showing for furniture buyers to control and forecast their budget if they plan to remodel their house with the design.

Getting Started!

How to Start My Design?

By clicking “+” button, you can select using template or camera photo as design background. Then add furniture and decor items to create your amazing design by clicking the plus bubble of different categories.

If you want to edit the items, you can rotate, delete, flip, duplicate, lock, move to front or back, adjust perspective, or change a different image of the same item, etc. in the editing bar.

Once your design is ready, you can either save it in Ideabook or to publish it in Feed!

What are in Inspiration?

In Inspiratin page, you can find endless projects designed by professional interior designers. You can save any design you like in your Ideabook for future inspiration, or redesign/ view in AR mode to complete your own one.

Another thing you can find in Inspiration page is interior design and home decor blogs. We pick top 10 well known interior design and home decor bloggers, and constantly update their latest articles for our users to get the most trendy inspirations.

How to Get Featured in Feed?

Our professional interior designers pick users who are publishing high quality designs and interact with other users constantly from Feed page every week.

Create more designs and publish in Feed, follow, like, and comment on other designer’s projects, you will get chance to be featured!

AR & 3D Model

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is the technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

In DecorMatters, users can view furniture items in their real room before making the decision to buy the furniture or decor items.

How to Measure My Place?

ARKit is another AR feature we offer in the app. If you want to measure your space, you can click on the camera when creating your design, then you would see an ARKit ruler wich you can use it to compete length measurement of your room or furniture.

How to Use 3D Model?

In create page, you can choose “AR” to sacn your floor and put an 3D model item into your place! We have multiple models for you to play around. Don’t forget to save it and share it to your friends!

Join Designers!

Why Building My Design Profile?

By building your design profile, other users can search for your name and find your designs easily. Follow other designers and get followed to interact with worldwide interior designer community in one app.

Remember to edit your profile by creating unique user name and bio, letting others know more about your style!

How to Interact with Other Users?

After creating your own deisgn profile, now you can follow other designers and like, comment on their designs!

Design Contest

What is Design Contest?

Design contest is the special campaign in DecorMatters app that allows users to play around the design game with different fun themes. User’s projects would be voted by worldwide users, and the winners would get rewards, which is crowns on their profile for 5 levels!

My Decor

How to Upload My Own Items?

When you create a design and want to add your own item in the background, click the “Add” and then you’ll see “My Decor” on the right side of the menu bar. Then click the “+” button to start uploading your own images and edit them, you’ll have your own item to design and play with!


What is the Price and Budget for?

The price and the budget of the projects and furnitures are for users who are planning to remodel their house and design to complete the real project. Therefore, the price is for budgeting and estimating how much they would spend, if they purchase the items on the vendor’s store online or brick and motar. Users don’t need real money for this.

Can the Item be Sent to My Region?

Users can check on each vendor’s online store, by clicking the furniture or directly clicking the brands, to see the region of shipping. For now, DecorMatters’s partners are mainly located in the United States.

Language & Device

Language & Device

For now, DecorMatters app supports English and iOS version. We are dedicated to deleoping multiple languages and Android version for better experience of more decor lovers!

Send an email to us! We’d like to answer your questions: