January 20, 2018

Spring Trends of 2018 (3 Tips From DecorMatters Guide You To Design Your New House)

2017 is finally over - can you believe it?! The past year has been a year full of growth and development, and the DecorMatters Team is super excited to take on the New Year with all the Interior Design Junkies out there! Now that we have a clean slate to start on, let’s retire some of the past year’s interior design trends and take a look at the upcoming Interior Design Spring Trends of 2018!


The first trend to be predicted in 2018 would be Wall Art. According to Pinterest, the pins for Wall Art related images have increased by a whooping 637% this year. Of course, bare walls are no fun - but it’s finally time to decorate your living space even more. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different mediums to allow for your personality to shine through your decorations. Wall art can definitely spruce up the entire look of your home, especially if you have a relatively simple and minimalistic design. Some great places to check out wall art would be Etsy, Society6, SaatchiArt and Urban Outfitters.


Plants have always been a great way to revamp your living space to create a brighter, more attractive space - they can also help you sleep better, depending on the variety of the plant. However, how often have you given patterned plants a go? Just like how patterns on your couches, pillows, rugs, or throws have the ability to add a unique touch to your home, patterned plants can surely have the same effect! Check out Home Depot, Burpee, The Sill, and Monrovia to find which plants suit your current living situation the best!


Silver, gold, or rose gold - whatever it may be, you have absolute free reign! For the longest time, mixing silver and gold was considered a fashion and design “sin.” However, the trend of mixed metallics has been slowly coming up on the rise, and has been predicted to be one of the biggest 2018 interior design trends. So, blend your warm and cool tones together to create more dimension and character to your home! It won’t hurt to experiment.

Make 2018 your year of many interior design achievements. Share your thoughts and comments down below. Happy designing and decorating!